Synthesis of ancient and modern. Private House in Tvaladi by NS STUDIO

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NS STUDIO. Lead architects.- Luka Chaganava, Nini Chanturia.
Lighting designer.– Lightstudio.
700 sqm.
Village Tvaladi, Georgia.
Again Chair.- Ton.
763 chair.- Ton.
Parliament.- Nemo.
La roche.- Nemo.
Logo Wall.- Nemo.
Maui.- Riva 1920.
Panel lounge chair.- capdell.
Flamingo.- Vibia.
Coco chandelier.- ledsc4.
Funiculi.- Marset.
MVV.- Marset.
Gobi.- Ns Product.
Sitar.- Saba italia.
Desert lounge chair.- ferm living.

Luka Chaganava, Nino Tchanturia. NS STUDIO

NS STUDIO Architecture & Design was founded in 2013 by Luka Chaganava and Nino Tchanturia. Their goal is simple yet profound: to create high-grade, captivating and original works in architecture and design. They believe in the power of personal expression, infusing each project with the right blend of context, content, functionality and individualism. This approach sets them apart, leaving a lasting impression behind. With a diverse team of skilled professionals, they turn ideas into reality, embracing the essence of collaboration.

Ten years ago, a visionary team of two embarked on a journey of boundless creativity and passion, with the goal to reshape the architectural landscape of Georgia. Today NS STUDIO unites 40 talented individuals in Tbilisi and Kutaisi, marking it the only architecture studio with two offices in Georgia.

NS STUDIO combines structure, innovation, and expert craftsmanship, ensuring that each project reflects uncompromising quality. Their commitment to excellence has lead them to introducing NS Product - product design platform of a true manifestation of their holistic approach.

Having traveled a decade-long journey, NS STUDIO has never ceased to learn, evolve, and stay true to primal vision: to achieve more than envisioned, and to constantly push the boundaries of creativity.



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