Thinking about workers. Berries Los Mimbrales Welcome Center for Temporary Workers by Héctor Fernández Elorza

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Project team
María Risueño Domínguez, Javier Moraleda Perulero.
Berries Los Mimbrales.
550 m².
2018 - 2019.
Highway El Rocío to Matalascañas km 30.5, Almonte, Huelva. Spain.

Héctor Fernández Elorza

Héctor Fernández Elorza was born in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1972. Architect degree at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, ETSAM, in 1998 where he, since 2001, is Lecturing Professor in Architectural Projects.

He was awarded the scholarship from the EU-exchange program at Darmstadt Institute of Technology in 1995 and1996 and at Technical Royal Institute of Stockholm, KTH in 1997 and 1998. His postgraduate studies were continued in Scandinavia, awarded grant by the Marghit and Folke Perzhon Foundation in 1999 and 2000. This period was dedicated to his PhD research at the Architectural Museum Archive in Stockholm and the Alvar Aalto Foundation in Helsinki. The Ph.D. studies have being finalized in 2014 at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid ,ETSAM, with the Doctoral Thesis named “Asplund vs. Lewerentz”.

He has been Visiting Professor and Lecturer at the following Schools of Architecture: Escuela de Arquitectura de Zaragoza and ETSAB-Barcelona (Spain), Universitá Di Roma “La Sapienza", Politenico di Milano and Siracusa (Italy), Architecture Nordostniedersachsen Universität Hamburg and Fachhochschule Köln (Germany), NTNU University in Trondheim (Norway), Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole in Copenhague (Denmark), KTH University in Stockholm (Sweden), University of Innsbruck (Austria), Universidad Católica de Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), University of Belgrade (Serbia), University of Budapest (Hungary), Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst in Brussels (Belgium), the Royal Institute of British Architects-RIBA in Londres (England), and the University of Texas in Dallas and Cooper Union University in New York (United States of America).

Awarded the Second Prize in the International Competition “Louis Poulsen”, Copenhague,1999; First Prize in the Competition “The House of the Third Millennium” Cantú, (Italia), 1999; Second Prize in the Competition “Karhus”, Stockholm, 2000; Finalist in the Competition “Leca-Mur”, Linköping, (Sweden), 2000; Fourth Prize in the Competition “Stockholm Bostader”, Stockholm, 2000. His work "Architectural Documentation Centre in Madrid" was awarded: First Prize in the AR+D PRIZE from the British Architecture Association, RIBA, Finalist in the ENOR PRIZE 2005, Finalist in the COSENZA PRIZE 2005, First Prize in SALONI PRIZE 2005 and Finalist in BIENAL DE ARQUITECTURA ESPAÑOLA 2005. Finalist in the GARCIA MERCADAL PRIZES 2007, 2011 and 2012 with the Urban Project “Zuera Sur”, "Valdefierro´s Park" and "Twin squares" in Zaragoza; Second Prize in the Competition “The old town of Belchite”, 2009. His work Chemical Laboratory Building in Alcala University was awarded First Prize in the ATEG-PRIZE 2010, Second Prize in the BIGMAT PRIZE 2011 and First Prize in the ENOR-MADRID AWARD 2012. In 2014 he was awarded with the DESIGN VANGUARD for emerging architects by the magazine Architectural Record.

In 2000 and 2012 he participated at the Biennale di Architecture di Venezia.

The Research project "Stockholm Universal Exposition of 1930" and its publication catalogue, for the Exposition "Arquitecturas Ausentes del siglo XX" was coordinated by him during 2000-2005. In 2010 and 2011 he has been Curator of the International Architectural Congress “Cien años aprendiendo de Roma” and "Architettura e Resistenza" in the Spanish Academy in Rome.

During 2011 y 2012 he has been co-director of Madrid Ceramic Tile Studies Department.

As practicing architect among his works he has projected and built the Mausoleum for the oceanografist Odón de Buen, the San Juan district in Zuera the Main square of Cuarte, (Zaragoza); the Auditorium and Documentation Centre of Contemporary Architecture in “Nuevos Ministerios” (Madrid); the Riding School in Oros Alto, (Huesca); the Agricultural park, Valdefierro´s park (Zaragoza); the Cultural buildings in Jarandilla de la Vera, (Cáceres) and San Esteban del Valle, (Ávila); the Chemical Laboratory Building and Genetic Faculty at the University of Alcalá (Madrid); Venecia Park and Twin squares (Zaragoza); Sotogrande Sailing School (Cádiz), an currently won and developing Casa Mahou, the renovation of the Palace of Duke of Infantado for the brewing company Mahou San Miguel in Madrid.

Author and co-author of the following books: E. G. Asplund, Exposición de Estocolmo 1930; Por si nos encontramos; Piedra , papel y tijera; Essays on Architecture and Ceramics; Babelia; Pensar con las manos and Materia y material, La ortografía del espacio y el alfabeto de la estructura; Cuaderno de viaje; Chicago-Nueva York, Arqueología Contemporánea, La Vuelta al Mundo en Ochenta Días, Madrid/Tokio, Sicilia and Vivir. His work has been showed widely in Spain and abroad.

During 2009 y 2010 he has been awarded the ROMA PRIZE in the Spanish Academy in Rome.



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