Three houses at Lucerne by Thomas Lussi

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Thomas Lussi, Beatrice Maeder, Daniele Savi. Lussi + Partner AG

Lussi + Partner AG. is an office led by Thomas Lussi, Beatrice Maeder and Daniele Savi, based in Lucerne, Switzerland and Barcelona Spain. The architecture office deals with all kinds of new construction, renovations and extensions. Many of our commissions stem from success in architectural or research study competitions, and focus primarily on schools, residential and commercial buildings, restaurants, and hotels. Its objective is to develop buildings that offer an optimal solution in terms of aesthetics, function and design. Searching for contextual connections while meeting the economic requirements.

Executive Board:
Thomas Lussi, graduate architect, ETH SIA BSA, born 1961, partner.
Beatrice Maeder, graduate communication planner, born 1964, partner.
Daniele Savi, graduate architect FH, born 1980, member of executive board.



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