Three ideas for a house with identity. More Than White House by PLAYstudio

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PLAYstudio. Preliminary design.- Carlos García + Iván Capdevila + Vicente Iborra.
Basic Project, Execution and Construction Management.- Iván Capdevila + José M. López Ujaque + Marina Bonet.
291,23 sqm.
Alicante, Spain.

Iván Capdevila, Vicente Iborra. PLAYstudio

PLAYstudio. It is an architecture studio led by Iván Capdevila (founder and partner) and Jose Manuel Lopez Ujaque (partner), together with Marta Carranza Pérez. They live, work, study, research and teach in places as diverse as Spain, the United Kingdom, Austria, Norway, Korea, Mexico, Belarus...

Since 2005 as YIC, and from 2010 as PLAYstudio (, have won a dozen of national and international prizes in architecture competitions, highlighting 3 first prizes in different editions of Europan: Vienna (E7) and Stavanger (E8+E13). 

Their work has been exhibited, presented, and discussed at such different places as Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Oslo, London, Munich, Istambul, Rome, Seoul, Vienna, Colima… and published in journals worldwide. In parallel, thanks to their research project on urban sustainability More Than Green (, they have become regular participants of conferences, seminars and forums on architecture, urbanism and sustainable development.



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