"Three Ordinary Funerals” Project Opening in Seoul, by Common Accounts

"Three Ordinary Funerals” Project Opening in Seoul, by Common Accounts
A New Breed of Funeral Home for the Contemporary City. 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism [Seoul] South Korea 09 > 11.2017
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"Three Ordinary Funerals” Project by Common Accounts

Common Accounts opens a prototypical funeral home that brings the material business of death closer to daily urban life with their installation “Three Ordinary Funerals” at the Seoul International Biennale on Architecture and Urbanism. Opening to the public on September 2nd, the project repositions death as a pragmatic tool for city building and the production of value.

“Burial and cremation, as we know them, are dead,” said Miles Gertler, co-director of Common Accounts. “Today's city can no longer afford to keep the material business of death at arm's length, given diminishing land availability, environmental concerns, and the prospect of your digital afterlife.”

Directed by Princeton University graduates Igor Bragado (Spain) and Miles Gertler (Canada), Common Accounts has designed an urban space for a death-savvy city in a traditional Korean courtyard house, which provides infrastructures for fluid cremation remains disposition (which liquefies human remains into a fertile solution), the virtual afterlife, and funeral ceremonies. Working with Seoul-based curator Jihoi Lee, the project is located in the Donuimun Museum Village near Seoul’s Seodaemun Station, the Biennale’s premiere venue for thematic exhibitions.

There are plenty of signs today indicating massive changes in attitudes toward death that remain below the radar of architects, planners, and the death care industry. In the last fifty years, designers have overwhelmingly focused on the poetics of death as a metaphysical concept, disregarding the m...read more


Common Accounts is an architectural practice initiated at Princeton University by Miles Gertler and Igor Bragado in 2014. Equipped with excellent data plans, the office operates over satellite, server and fibre cable between Seoul, Toronto, and New York. Bragado and Gertler are recognized for their work Closer Each Day: The Architecture of Everyday Death and Going Fluid: The ...read more


Based in Beijing, Igor Bragado (1985) established his independent practice in 2012. He currently works as a project architect in big scale developments and master planning at Trace Architecture Office. Prior to that, he collaborated for two years with Juan Herreros (2010-2011). He has been an invited lecturer and critique at the German Institute of Beijing and the Studio X of Columbia Uni...read more


Jihoi Lee is an Architecture Curator at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. She was the Curator of Imagining New Eurasia Project at the Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Deputy Curator and Managing Director for Crow’s Eye View: The Korean Peninsula, and exhibition for the Korean Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale, which received the Golden Lion. Lee was also the Associate Cu...read more