Tower 41 by Alberto Kalach, finalist in MCHAP 2014/2015

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Project name
Tower 41
Alberto Kalach
Collaborators team
Gabriel Mancera, Iván Ramírez, David Martínez, Patricia Lazcano
Plot area
270 m²
Built area
1.820 sqm
Construction dates
Teofilo Kalach
Constituyentes Avenue 41, San Miguel Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, Mexico.

Alberto KALACH

Alberto Kalach As one of the contemporary Mexican architects with greater international presence, Alberto Kalach and his team of talented young Mexican architects, Taller de Arquitectura 'X' (TAX), have revolutionized the linear concepts of a discipline emerging from conventional architectural plans to realize extraordinary volumes and dimensions. In their work, the imagined limits become a living extension of the Universe and the human environment.

Within a successful career, TAX has developed a high impact aesthetic and purely functionalist architectural works. Important institutions such as the Public Library of Mexico "José Vasconcelos," with its infinite floating panels; projects of scales ranging from housing of 60m2 built on a rooftop and with a budget of $10,000 USD to spectacular residences that revitalize natural environments of great beauty, such as Casa del Mar and Casa Romany on the beaches of California; and the striking apartment building Reforma 27 showcase his unique view of understanding the creative process as a genuine test of fantastic reality suggested in a space.

Alberto Kalach has distinguished himself by demonstrating a special interest in urban and ecology issues, leading him to create the group "Ciudad Futura" along with several other prominent Mexican architects. The group’s work includes developing the "Regreso a la Ciudad Lacustre" master plan. A project of environmental hydrological revival in the basin of Mexico, “Regreso a la Ciudad Lacustre” recalls the virtues and benefits of a city that floats and remains fully on water.

Alberto Kalach’s work has been featured in hundreds of magazines around the world, in addition to several monographs published by notable publishers such as Rockport Publishers (USA), Gustavo Gili and the University of Navarra (Spain), and Moleskine (Italy).





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