Updated traditional Chinese medicine vision. Artistic Exhibition and Frozen Time by Waterfrom Design

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Aqua Health Clinic
Design Period.- 2018.09 - 2018.12 Construction Period.- 2019.01- 2019.07
Reception area, Display area, Waiting area, Skin detection area, Facialcare area, Toilet, Haircare area, Bodycare area, TCM clinic, Bar, Staff area, Storage
Acrylic, floor timber, hand paint, transparent soft film lighting, Guanyin rock, stainless steel, terrazzo.
Kuomin Lee, LenmuG.

Nic Lee. Waterfrom Design

Waterfrom Design. Established in 2008, straddles both the interior design and the architecture field, believing that design should be like water, simple and pure, organic and ever-changing, retaining the simple, neatness of water’s essence, and displaying possibilities without framework in concept.

They strive to give attention to the story and context of the space and time, to create spaces that canconvey messages, and let emotions settle and mature. In recent years, Waterfrom Design has received the Golden Pin Award, Asia Pacific Interior Design Award, Taiwan Interior Design Award, and their work has been reported by the Italian, Dutch, French, Korean and other international media. 

Nic Lee. The design director of Waterfrom Design, Nic Lee, has been in designs for over a decade, and his work mixes extreme simplicity with humor. He graduated from the Pratt Institute, New York with a Master of Science in interior design, as well as having participated in Denmark's International Study Program.

Throughout his education and career, Nic hasmelded thinking from the arts, humanities, and philosophy, possessing the logical thinking of architecture and design, as well as the rebellious nature of artists. He likes to be the exception outside the norm, to redefine the current order, and to find the unexpected within the unpredictable inaccuracies. He has received the Golden Pin design award for two consecutive years (2010-11), and was one of the top 10 designers for the Taiwan Interior Design Award (2007-2010). He excels in the use of installation art in spaces, and loves to find his inspirations from life, getting the most out of copious amount of reading, exposure to artworks and exhibitions, and turning the profound feelings thus gained into sparks of design inspirations.



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