Urban development project to rescue the abandoned port of Jönköping in Sweden

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Project team
Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, STED, Beek Architects, HallemarHejdelind, Göran Cars.
Jönköping, Sweden.
Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, STED, Beek Architects, HallemarHejdelind, Göran Cars.

Vilhelm Theodor Lauritzen. Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects is a Danish architecture firm founded in 1922 by Vilhelm Theodor Lauritzen, one of the most important Danish architects of his time and one of the creators of Danish modernism. Today, several of his projects remain enduring examples of a revolutionary new architecture where form follows function.

The current studio culture and values date back to 1922 and the ideas and notions of the founder Vilhelm Theodor Lauritzen (1894–1984). He was primarily an architect and held throughout his life the belief that architecture is an applied art for the people, never a privilege for a few. He designed with a core vision to create functional architecture and design that would, in essence, advance human equality and induce general well-being for all users.

The architecture studio for more than a century has been based on the vision that good and sustainable architecture must be timeless, of high quality and for everyone. This form must follow the function from the inside out, respecting the context and with the basic intention of improving people's quality of life. This core belief ensures long-lasting designs that naturally adapt to changing uses and needs.




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