Urban renovation in Le Blosne. Pôle Associatif du Blosne by Antonio virga architecte

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Project team
Projet manager.- Keeyong Lee.
Assistant projet manager.- Chiara Sorrento.
Engineering consultant.- TPFI.
Landscaper.- Pollen Paysages.
SPC.- Gotec.
City of Rennes.
1,954 sqm.
Project.- 2018.
Completed.- 2023.
Le Blosne, Rennes, France.

Antonio Virga Architecte

Based in Paris, the Antonio Virga Architecte agency has been working for more than 15 years in public facilities (shopping centers, cultural or sports centers, etc.) and shared housing (student residences, youth hostels, collective housing, etc.) as on projects to enhance urban heritage in restricted sites and interior redevelopment with increased knowledge of the requirements linked to the areas of expression of luxury brands (offices, showrooms, retail, apartments).

In 2012, he delivered with Vincent Parreira "l'Atoll", the first commercial ecopark in France, a multi-award-winning project which will seal their rich collaboration with many other varied and innovative programs. In 2016, they jointly won Réinventer Paris with a funeral home and an urban logistics platform on the Poterne des Peupliers site. Liking to work on projects going “de la petite cuillère à la ville” (Gio Ponti), Antonio Virga reinforces his refusal of specialization thanks to this diversity of achievements. He is the winner of numerous awards such as the Archidesingclub award in 2016 or the AMO award in 2018, among others.



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