A colorful and vibrant laboratory. Costa Rican Agency for Biomedical Research by Norte Sur Arquitectos

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Design team
Isidro Ramírez Araya, María de los Ángeles Solís Quesada, Marisol Azofeifa.
Project Management and Technical direction
Isidro Ramírez Araya, Javier Brenes Echeverría, Carlos Fallas, William Bustillos
Structural Design.- Ingeniería Cañas. Electric Design.- Proeléctrica de Centroamérica S.A. Mechanical Design.- Consultecno.
Main Contractor

Isidro Ramírez Araya, María de los Angeles Solís Quesada, José Javier Brenes Echeverría, Víctor Murillo León. Norte Sur Arquitectos

Norte Sur Arquitectos is a Costa Rican firm founded 20 years ago by Isidro Ramírez and María de los Ángeles Solís. Later they are associated with Victor Murillo and Javier Brenes, where they lead a diverse and flexible team of professionals dedicated to the production of creative ideas and the technical development of them to explore the uniqueness of each project through networking. transversality and diversity in order to create spaces for being, in a time and place.

They believe in collaborative work close to the client and that is not limited to generating answers, but questions that add value to the proposals in the search for emotion and delight, the experience of the space, its integration into the immediate context and a detailed definition technique to achieve its constructive execution.



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