A pragmatic yet bold response. Residenze Carlo Erba by Eisenman Architects Degli Esposti Architetti AZstudio

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Project Team
Lead Architects.- Peter Eisenman, Degli Esposti, Paolo Lazza, Stefano Antonelli, Guido Zuliani.
Supervision of construction.- Arch. Lorenzo Degli Esposti. Arch. Paolo Lazza. Arch. Stefano De Vita.
Project surveillance.- Geom. Giorgio Marocchi - Sherpa Engineering, Mantova (Phase 1). Geom. Tristano Barroccu, Milan (Phase 2).
Structural.- Studio d’Ingegneria Associato Ardolino, Bolzano; Mechanical and electrical.- Sistema Group Engineering, Montichiari (BS) (preliminary phase); A.T. Advanced Tecnologies, Rome (execution phase).- Studio MGM, Gallarate (execution phase).
Pinerba s.r.l., a company of Morelli Group.
Builder company
Italiana Costruzioni (Rome).- phase 2 and construction completion. CLE - Cooperativa Lavoratori Edili (Bolzano).- phase 1.
Gross square footage.- 14,000 sqmeters / 150,000 sqfeet.
2009 - Completion date.- July 2019.
6 piazza Carlo Erba, Milan, Italy.
Structural System
Underground waterproof retaining walls by Zementol, Bressanone.
Building structure: cast on site concrete frame.
Frame structure: steel frame by MAP s.p.a., Corsico.
Exterior Cladding
Masonry.- Alveolater P800 brick blocks (perimeter walls, all the floors)

Metal panels.- White metal sheets (4th floor - piano nobile; kitchens of 5th and 6th floors) by Lilli Systems, Giano dell’Umbria PG.

Rainscreen.- Marmi Conti di Del Vescovo e Leoni s.n.c., Rome:
Travertino (ground floor, 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors).
Marmo di Carrara (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 9th floors).

EIFS, ACM, or other: Rigid panels Rockwool, Ventirock Duo, 10 cm.
More Construction details
Built-up roofing.- Vapor barrier.
Concrete fall screed (1-2%).
Insulation.-panels 10 cm by Stiferite s.p.a., Padova.
Waterproofing elastomeric membrane (see following points).
Concrete screed.
Waterproofing further layer, Plastivo 180 by Volteco, Ponzano Veneto TV
Tiles (see following points).
Elastomeric.- Waterproofing elastomeric membrane Flexo S6 by Polyglass s.p.a. Mapei Group, Ponte di Piave TV (terraces, loggias, balconies).
Waterproofing bituminous membrane Polystick TU Plus by Polyglass s.p.a. Mapei Group, Ponte di Piave TV (technical rooftops above the cores).
Tile/shingles.- Multiquartz by Marazzi Group s.r.l., Sassuolo MO (terraces, loggias, balconies).
Wood frame.- Professionale 68 by Falegnameria Aresi, Treviglio BG (Units windows).
Metal frame.- Metal frame windows by Lilli Systems, Giano dell’Umbria PG (Common spaces windows).

Glass.- 5/5.1 glass pane + 15 mm Gas Argon + 4/4.1 acoustic low emission glass pane.
Other.- Greenhouses in metal frame and glass by Lilli Systems, Giano dell’Umbria PG.

Entrances: Renovation of the existing historical metal door (Main entrance door);
Metal frame doors by Lilli Systems, Giano dell'Umbria PG (Secondary lobbies entrances doors).
Metal doors: Security doors Cilinder.70 by Gasperotti s.r.l., Rovereto TN (Units access doors).
Wood doors.- Reversa by Bertolotto s.p.a., Torre San Giorgio CN (Units interior doors).
Sliding doors: Scorrevole a scomparsa TR by Bertolotto s.p.a., Torre San Giorgio CN (Units interior doors).
Fire-control doors, security grilles: Fire-control doors by Puertas Padillas S.L., El Albujon, Cartagena, Murica, Espana.
Special doors.-Magnum by Novoferm Schievano s.r.l., Camposampiero PD.
Upswinging doors, other.- Pratic by De Nardi s.r.l., San Fior TV.

Locksets.- Biblo Tecno Design by Comit Maniglie s.r.l., Lumezzane BS
Closers.- Biblo Tecno Design by Comit Maniglie s.r.l., Lumezzane BS
Exit devices.- Biblo Tecno Design by Comit Maniglie s.r.l., Lumezzane BS
Pulls.- Biblo Tecno Design by Comit Maniglie s.r.l., Lumezzane BS

Interior Finishes
Acoustical ceilings.- Plasterboard panels.
Suspension grid.- Metal frame.
Cabinetwork and custom woodwork.- Boiserie, counterceiling and inspection compartments doors: custom wood panels by Allestimenti Portanuova s.r.l., Milan (common spaces).
Paints and stains.- CSN Impresa di finiture edili, Alessandria.
Wall coverings.- Plaster.
Floor and wall tile.- Listone 140 Listone Giordano, natural oak finishing, by Margaritelli, Miralduolo di Torgiano PG (all the rooms but the bathrooms)
Glocal, November, Rêve by Mirage Granito Ceramico s.p.a., Pavullo MO (bathrooms).
Special interior finishes unique to this project: Boiserie, counterceiling and inspection compartments doors: custom wood panels by Allestimenti Portanuova s.r.l., Milan (common spaces).

Interior ambient lighting.- Continous LED Osram Linear Light Flex 800 Warm White by Simes, Corte Franca BS.
Exterior.- by Simes, Corte Franca BS.
Continous LED Osram Linear Light Flex 800 Warm White (Entrances, 4th floor counterceiling).
Mini-lobby basic downlight, Stage (Loggias).
Mini-look (Terraces, balconies, facades in Carrara Marble).
Cool, Reef, Skill, Mega Blinker (Garden).
Dimming system or other lighting controls.- ZIP80 by Sunbreak s.r.l., Cusignana di Giavera del Montello TV.

Elevators/escalators.- MonoSpace 500 by Kone, Pero MI.

Sink, wc, bidet.- Sfera54 by Ceramica Catalano s.p.a., Fabrica di Roma VT;
Fitting.- Montecristo by Ponsi, Ercos s.p.a., Monticelli Brusati BS;
Shower.- Ultra Flat by Ideal Standard Italia s.r.l., Milan;
Bathtub.- York by Glass 1989 s.r.l., Oderzo TV;
Plumbing sub-contractor.- Antoniazzi s.r.l., Milan
Energy management or building automation system.- Heating/cooling radiant floor powered by heat pumps;
Primary air system provider with dehumidifier system;
Controlled mechanical ventilation system.
Other unique products that contribute to sustainability.- Geothermal energy system.
Add any additional building components or special equipment that made a significant contribution to this project: Electrical sub-contractor: Pierre s.r.l., Martinengo BG.

Peter Eisenman

Peter Eisenman. A distinguished member of the group of The New York Five, he opened his own studio in New York in 1980, after teaching at some of the most prestigious universities of the World, such as Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, Yale and Ohio.

Peter Eisenman holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree form Cornell University, a Master of Science in Architecture degree from Columbia University, an M. A. and Ph. D. degrees form Cambridge University (UK). He holds honorary Doctorates of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois, Chicago, the Pratt Institute in New York and Syracuse University. In 2003, he was awarded an honorary Doctorate in Architecture by the Universitá La Sapienza in Rome.

In 1967, Eisenman founded in New York the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies (IAUS), a body of international experts dedicated to architecture, which he was director of until 1982. He was awarded the first prize at the third edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale in 1985 for his project "Romeo & Juliet". He was also one of the two architects chosen to represent the United States at the Fifth International Architecture Exhibition in Venice in 1991, and he returned there again in 2002 and 2004 to display the project for the City of Culture of Galicia.

He has authored emblematic architectural works such as the Wexner Center for the Arts in Ohio, the Aronoff Center at the University of Cincinnati or the Holocaust Memorial located near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. His projects are characterized by a style defined as "modern deconstructivism", very close to the line of work of Arata Isozaki, Frank Gehry or Rem Koolhaas.

Peter Eisenman has also been awarded many other prizes and distinctions, including the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Brunner Award and the National Honor Award of the American Institute of Architects, the latter on two occasions, one for the Wexner Center in Ohio and the other for the headquarters of the Koizumi Sangyo Corporation in Tokyo.

In 2010, he received the international Wolf Prize in Architecture

Website of Eisenman Architects

Act.>. 12-2012

Lorenzo Degli Esposti, Paolo Lazza. Degli Esposti Architetti

Degli Esposti Architetti is a leading partnership practicing architecture, urbanism and infrastructure design, founded in 2006 by Lorenzo Degli Esposti and Paolo Lazza, based in Milan. Degli Esposti Architetti’s refined approach to design is the outcome of continuous research and practice, from early works in collaboration with the primary figures of the XX Century architecture up to the current projects.
Projects by Degli Esposti Architetti and the cultural and research activities of its directors have been presented in principal venues such us: Milan Triennale; Rome MAAXI; Venice Biennale; Vienna Secession; Reggia di Caserta; Soprintendenza Belle Arti Milano; Isola Art Center, Milan; Museo di Arte Moderna Palermo; SpazioFMG, Milan; Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia; MoCa – Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje; Hyundai Card Design Library, Seoul.

In 2007 and 2008, Degli Esposti Architetti was selected by the Triennale di Milano within the 30 firms of the city invited to the Open Studio event. In 2012, Degli Esposti Architetti was selected by the École Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris, in a batch of 50 leading international young firms invited to the Pavillon Spéciale initiative. In the last ten years, Degli Esposti Architetti has been included in the top 100 Italian firms according to their annual income (source: national newspaper IlSole24Ore-prof. Norsa). In 2015, Lorenzo Degli Esposti was appointed curator of the Architecture Pavilion for the EXPO 2015 Belle Arti, programme by the Regione Lombardia in collaboration with the Milan Triennale, hosted in the Grattacielo Pirelli by Gio Ponti and Pier Luigi Nervi. The activities of the Architecture Pavilion has been published in the 600 pages book MCM – Milan, Capital of the Modern, English and Italian editions, Actar Publishers, New York, 2017, kept in more than 50 institutional libraries worldwide.



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