A privileged position. Primus house by Lopes Pertile Architects

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Project team
Sara Pertile, Diogo Lopes.
Carpentry.- Marcarp. 
Metalwork.- Serralharia Quintiães.
Fernando Caçador Lopes, Lda.
270 m².
Ponte de Lima, Portugal.

Diogo Lopes and Sara Pertile. Lopes Pertile Architects

Lopes Pertile Architects is an Architecture Atelier based in Portugal and Italy founded by the Diogo Lopes and Sara Pertile architects.  Its work is composed of small and big scale projects, at a national and international level. The Atelier has its roots in the contemporary Portuguese architecture, making sure the atelier follows its projects from their creative conceptual birth to their rigorous construction.

Diogo Lopes studied architecture at Escola de Arquitectura da Universidade do Minho in Guimarães, in Portugal and received an Erasmus scholarship at the IUAV University of Venice, Italy.

In 2015 he enrolled in an internship at CZ Studio Associati in Venice, where he started practicing architecture and where he later became a young associate. Nowadays, he is a founding member of Atelier Lopes Pertile Architects where he is the supervisor of landscape design, site planning and construction documents. He also oversees the construction as the main coordinator between all the parties involved in the projects.

Sara Pertile studied Architecture at IUAV University of Venice in Italy and at the College of Architecture of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago with an international exchange scholarship, she was distinguished with merit from both universities. She has worked in Portugal at Martins Architecture Office in Guimarães.

Nowadays, she is a founding member of the Atelier Lopes Pertile Architects where she oversees the design process of architectural conceptualization, interior projects and the coordinator of the creative department. She is also the social media manager and supervisor of public relations.



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