A renovated space for abstract art. Sport Center Paris by Leclercq Associés architecture

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Project team
Paul Laigle, Cécile Miossec, Benoît Fetter.
BVL Architect, Agency TER, Ingerop, Calvi, Pénicau.
Ministry of the Youth, Sports and the Clubs and Societies.
12.500 sqm.
2005 - 2009.
Vincennes, Paris, France.
Cyrille Weiner, Eric Lion, Pascal Aimar.

François Leclercq. Leclercq Associés

François Leclercq founded the architectural firm Dusapin Leclercq in the early 1980s. Winner of various awards (Pan XII, Albums des jeunes architectes et des paysagistes, Prix de la Première Œuvre), the agency has grown over the years and acquires recognition in both town planning and architecture (Équerre d'argent, Pyramide d'argent, Grand Prix de la Construction Bois).

In 2004, the agency moved to rue du Repos, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. In 2019, with the appointment of three partners - Anne-Claire Eberhard, Charles Gallet and Paul Laigle - the structure takes on a new dimension. Her name is now Leclercq Associés.

Leclercq Associés places at the heart of its practice the ability to merge landscape and architecture, site and plan, form and use, individual and collective. Anxious to combine the ordinary and the exceptional, the agency plays the role of facilitator. To renew its know-how and attract young talents, the agency operates as a multidisciplinary incubator: architects, engineers, geographers, town planners, graphic designers, designers, model makers.
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