Amou Project. Duplex renovation in Saint Foy lès Lyon

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architectes DANK

Dank architectes was created by Thibaut Chanut, Steven Guigoz and Gilles Dietrich in 2010 with the idea of exploring architecture without any preconceived ideas and forge a vision encompassing functional and formal questions.

“We try not to claim a particular “signature” but we are always looking to find innovative answers to creative and programmatic concerns. The goal isn’t to build living space without questioning the uses and habits. We are continuously trying to bring new ideas to the table to make the volumes we design more flexible.”

Since 2010 the studio mostly works on private housing and renovation. “In every project we design, we try to be as relevant and coherent as possible. Being architect isn’t only designing building but it is also questioning yourself about how people will live in the house you designed. Therefore Interior design is a major part of our work especially when we talk about housing. Every piece of furniture we design structures the volumes and brings quality. That’s why we like to go into details.” 




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