Below the pool. Eucaliptus House by Nexe Arquitectura

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Design team
Lead architects.- Josep Carreté i Borràs. Architects.- Esther Vilà, Alba Folqué, Alba López, Eduard Pueyo. Technical architect.- Xavier López.
Structural Calculation.- Xavier Botet. Landscaping.- Carme Farré.
Construcciones y reformas Sant Boi, SL.
Built area.- 396 sqm.
Finish date.- 2018.
Locksmith, aluminum, glass.- TECNIC METAL·LISTES I, SL. Carpentry.- TECHNAL. Interior flooring.- PORCELANOSA. Exterior flooring.- BREINCO. Interior lighting.- SECTO. Facilities.- AIRIN CATALUNYA, SL.
Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain.

Josep Carreté i Borràs. Nexe arquitectura

Nexe arquitectura is a team that combines creativity, technical training, and the maximum enthusiasm of the people that make it up.

Head of the studio is Josep Carreté i Borràs, architect from the Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona since 1992. Head architect of Josep Carreté arquitectura from 2009 to the present, in continuity with the project Nexe arquitectura.

Nexe arquitectura propose an easy and close architecture, which does not impose rules but rather suggests life patterns, a board where infinite games are possible.

They imagine open and clear spaces, transparencies and new visions, changing and subtle relationships, friendly textures, and colors, the amazing magic of light. An architecture lived in multiple angles, uses, moods, sensibilities, and times.

They look for the consistency of the pieces and, from the beginning, the projects intertwine the conception of spaces, a flexible functional program, a precise structure, fluid installations, and adjusted and environmentally efficient construction solutions. And a strict control of the budget and quality in all phases of the project and the work.



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