Casa da Lila by João Carriço

Casa da Lila by João Carriço
[Silves] Portugal
Casa da Lila by João Carriço, result of the intervention in the posterior facade. Photograph © Luís Henrique Da Cruz. Image courtesy of Studioarte.

A compact and functional design that beyond repetition, is able to surprise, getting away from the predictable. Portugal-base Studioarte tells us in their self-description 'We build. We create. We design. We rock' and, as one could expect, Casa da Lila by their collaborator João Carriço rocks too.

This charming cottage designed by Studio arte member, João Carriço, integrates the modern interior design of the proposal with the  ancient aesthetic of this house of the 50's. Designed with the maximum respect to the pre-existence, it is indoors where the deployment of architectural resources is remarkable: virtual divisions indicated only through small gestures, stairs that disappear in the backfill of the (few) interior walls and large windows that seem to extend the space to the terraces, to the village. A fluid space you will fall in love with.

Description of the project by João Carriço

A complete re-do project with special official built heritage department approval of a single family house, built on the fifties, with modern lines, and located in the heart of the historical center of Silves, Algarve, Portugal.

Basically the existing situation was on a full ruin state, all materials collapsing indoor and outdoor. Due to the more

Silves, Algarve, Portugal
João Carriço
Vítor Jesus
Concept design, developement and project management
Arnold Aarssen
Adelino Lopes Gomes, Lda.
Paulo Terra
Plot surface.- 120 sqm Site plan surfac
e.- 90 sqm Built surface.- 180 sqm