Centrality and dialogue through color and shape. Apartamenty przy Warzelni by JEMS Architects

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Project team
Olgierd Jagiełło (1947 Poland); Paweł Majkusiak (1971 Poland); Marek Moskal (1966 Poland); Maciej Rydz (1979 Poland); Marcin Sadowski (1965 Poland); Grzegorz Artymiński (1974 Poland); Izabela Bednarska (1970 Poland); Zygmunt Borawski (1987 Poland); Tytus Brzozowski (1984 Poland); Mieszko Burmas (1981 Poland); Małgorzata Charazińska (1980 Poland); Łukasz Chaberka (1995 Poland); Anna Dubois (1982 Poland); Aleksandra Dutkowska (1993 Poland); Marcin Giemza (1987 Poland); Wojciech Gruszczyński (1985 Poland); Michał Iwaniuk (1993 Poland); Szamil Jachimczyk (1995 Poland); Katarzyna Janczura (1995 Poland); Rafał Jóźwiak (1988 Poland); Radosław Kacprzak (1975 Poland); Urszula Kos (1957 Poland); Łukasz Krzesiak (1978 Poland); Katarzyna Kuźmińska (1988 Poland); Magdalena Litaszewska (1985 Poland); Beata Momot (1995 Poland); Grzegorz Moskała (1984 Poland); Marta Najder (1989 Poland); Bartłomiej Najman (1985 Poland); Maciej Olczak (1986 Poland); Mariusz Olszewski (1977 Poland); Katarzyna Piotrowska (1987 Poland); Maks Potapow (1976 Poland); Agnieszka Rokicka (1968 Poland); Aleksandra Rusin (1994 Poland); Łukasz Stępnik (1988 Poland); Bartosz Śniadowski (1977 Poland); Marta Świątek-Piziorska (1971 Poland); Anna Świderska (1975 Poland); Mateusz Świętorzecki (1975 Poland); Piotr Waleszkiewicz (1979 Poland); Izabela Wencel (1954 Poland); Marcin Zaremba (1978 Poland); Agata Żak (1977 Poland).
Landscape.- RSAK, architects Dorota Rudawa, Patryk Zaręba, Anna Wiechetek-Moczulska.
ECHO Investment.
Mota-Engil Central Europe.
Total plot area.- 45,000 m².
Gross floor area.- 182,071 m².
Usable floor area.- 120,000 m².
Number of apartments.- 76.
Number of floors.- 7.
Year began.- 2017.
Completion.- 2021.
Warsaw, Poland. LatLng: (52.23492719999999, 20.9871012).

Maciej Rydz, Olgierd Jagiełło. JEMS Architects

JEMS Architects is an architecture studio founded by Maciej Rydz and Olgierd Jagiełło in 1988, but the team that formed the studio has been working together continuously since the early 1980s.

JEMS, which began as an independent practice at a time of democratic change in Poland, joined the push for the restoration of Polish architectural culture. Currently eight owners and partners form the core of the team.

The cooperation between partners carried out through the office-workshop formula, in which all JEMS staff participate, offers an inspiring space for debates and searches, for the exchange of ideas and points of view. JEMS is a place for open discussion and debate. This is our core value.

They treat reality as a fabric in the creative process and as a framework for their activities. They try to read its complexity through a filter of culture, history and tradition, through the context of the place. They seek inspiration in this multi-layered impression of reality, as well as in the limitations and conflicts inherent to our times.

They normally work in areas that often do not offer any possibility of reaching a quick, unambiguous and synthetic answer to the design problem. They have never had a universal method, a strategy.

Its architecture avoids dazzling with form, seeking the essence of things as much as the things themselves. They refer to timeless things: order, mass, the fascination with the natural properties of materials, light, the passage of time, proportions and the rules that govern the structure of form.



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