Combatentes Educational Center by By Cannatà & Fernandes

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Cannatà & Fernandes. Fátima Fernandes e Michele Cannatà.
Project Team
Riccardo Cannatà, Dario Cannatà, Bruno Silva, Marta Lemos, Nuno Castro, Francisco Meireles, João Pedro Martins.
Structural Engineering.- Gop – João Maria Sobreira. Water Supply Ans Sewage.- Gop – Raquel Fernandes.Mechanical Engineering.- Get – Raul Bessa. Electrical Engineering.- Gpic – Alexandre Martins. Acustics.- Inacoustics - Octávio Inácio.
Câmara Municipal De Ovar.
João Cabral Gonçalves & Filhos, Lda.
Implantation area.- 2.440,97 m². Construction area.- 5.271 m². Exterior spaces.- 3.421 m².
Cost of the building.- € 2,975,000.00. Cost of landscaping.- € 195,000.00.
Ovar, Portugal.
1º Prize for the Project of Combatentes Educational Center Competition at Ovar, attribution by the Jury Selection Board.
Luis Ferreira Alves, Dario Cannatà, Pepe Barbiere.

FÁTIMA FERNANDES, MICHELE CANNATÀ Cannatá and Fernandes, arquitectos

CANNATÀ & FERNANDES arquitectos Lda was founded in 2000 by FÁTIMA FERNANDES and MICHELE CANNATÀ. They have been working together since 1984, developing professional activity both in Portugal and Italy. They are the Scientific Coordinators of Architectural events at CONCRETA - EXPONOR since 1999. In 2003 they became the Scientific Coordinators in charge of ASA editions Architecture Department  and, in 2004 the scientific coordinators of the Architecture Department of CIVILIZAÇÃO editions.

Their works and projects have been presented in various individual and collective exhibitions, among which the Venice Biennial in 1996, and the Milan Triennial in 1997.

Their office develops architecture projects, town planning, design, graphic design and engineering services on subcontract conditions directly related to the architecture main activity. They also develop an important editorial activity through book edition, commissioning exhibitions and international seminars of architecture.

They have been invited by universities and cultural institutions to talk about their projects and to participate, while teachers, in several international seminar projects.

The office occupies a long narrowed lot, which is a characteristic of Oporto's urban mesh.  There used to be a house and an old factory now reconverted in the office. It is localized in the urban center of Porto in the Northern Coast of Portugal.

Six architects, three trainee architects and an assistant form the working team.

FÁTIMA FERNANDES was born in Bemposta, Mogadouro, Portugal, in 1961.

1979-1986. Studies in Escola Superior de Belas Artes do Porto where she graduates in Architecture.
1984. Does her traineeship in Italy, guided by prof. Arch. Manuel Mendes.
1990-1992. Becomes the Architect in charge of the Department for the Support of the Historic Center of Miranda do Douro.
Since 1996. Teacher of the Architecture Section (Architecture V) in Escola Superior Artística do Porto. ESAP.
2003. Begins her PhD attending the Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura da Universidade de Madrid.

MICHELE CANNATÀ was born in Polistena, Italy, in 1952.

1971-1977. Studies in Istituto Universitario Statale di Architettura di Reggio Calabria where he graduates in Architecture.
1978-1982. Works in Polistena City Hall, Italy, as principal architect.
1982. Attends "La Rinascita della Città" High Course in Bolonha, Italy.
1983-1984. Becomes assistant in the Faculty of Architecture of Reggio Calabria, Italy.
1993. Obtains the equivalence of his Academic title in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto.
Since 1997. Teacher of the Architecture Section (Architecture IV) in Escola Superior Artística do Porto. ESAP.
2009. Doctorate in "Composizione Architettonica e Progettazione Urbana" in the University of Chieti-Pescara Italy, department  IDEA. Infrastrutture, Design, Engeneering Architecture.

Michele Cannatà

Michele Cannatà (1952) Polistena, Italy. Graduated from the Institute State University of Architecture of Reggio Calabria in 1977. Doctor in “Architectural and Urban Planning” in 2009. Since 1997 he is teacher of architectural design at ESAP (Escola Superior Artistica do Porto) and Director of the Department of Architecture in 2010/12.

Fátima Fernandes

Fátima Fernandes (1961) Bemposta de Mogadouro, Portugal. Graduated from the Escola Superior de Belas Artes in Porto (ESBAP) in 1986, carrying out the professional training in Italy. Since 1996 she is teacher of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture of ESAP (Escola Superior Artística do Porto).




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