Craft architecture. Gijón Old School of Commerce renovation by Ruiz+Nicieza

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Project team
Ramón Ruiz Fernández, Jorge Alonso Nicieza, Javier Uría de la Fuente, María López Castro, Mónica Costales Rodríguez.
EMP.- DYA Ingenieros. Quantity Surveyor.- Eduardo Bárzana Coca. Structures.- Javier Fuente Alonso, Jose Antonio Risueño Suarez.
Gijon City hall.
Builder Company
Bauen S.A. Álvaro Fernández Rivero.
4,333.11 m²

Ramón Ruiz Fernández, Jorge Alonso Nicieza. Ruiz+Nicieza Arquitectos

Ruiz+Nicieza Arquitectos, an architecture and design studio founded by Ramón Ruiz Fernández and Jorge Alonso Nicieza. With more than 25 years of work in the development of projects, specialized in restoration, bioclimatic architecture and sustainable architecture. They focus on optimal solutions from an economic, aesthetic and constructive point of view.

Ramón Ruiz Fernández, Obtained the title of architect from the ETSA of Madrid in 1990. He is number 618 of the Official College of Architects of Asturias and obtained the master in "Architectural Intervention and Restoration" by the Antonio Camuñas Foundation in 1991-92.

Jorge Alonso Nicieza, was born in Asturias, Spain. Architect by the ETSA of La Coruña in 2004 and collegiate nº1151 of the Official College of Architects of Asturias. He obtained the master's degree in "Conservation and sustainability studies in architecture" by the Polytechnic University of Madrid / University of Oviedo in 2014.



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