Curve shaped pavilion. CAI Athletic Pavilion by GAP Associates

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GAP Associates. Albert Albareda Valls, Carles Pastor Foz
Design Team
Ramon Corrochano, Alejandro Tomás Arolo, Eudald Pedrós Reig
Structures.- GAP Associates. Quantity Surveyor.- Jordi Marí Pelfort. Engineering MEP.- AC Enginyeria (Acosta Enginyers)
Grupo Ravi
835.62 m²
1 - Finestres Anoia.- Windows and glassware. 2 - Saltoki Igualada.- Lighting. 3 - Deri S.L ..- Metal structure and locksmith. 4 - Electromecánica Cabré.-Facade polycarbonate

Carles Pastor Foz - Albert Albareda Valls GAP Associates

G A P is a young and proactive company founded by Carles Pastor Foz and Albert Albareda Valls.

Carles Pastor Foz. Architect - Founder & Partner. Architecture Bachelor Degree by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) from the Tech University of Catalonia (UPC) along with an MBA + Architecture (Master in Architectural Management and Design) by IE Business school. After several professional experiences in different studios in Barcelona such as EMBT, Mora & Sanvisens arquitectes and Xavier Güell arq., I started working at the family office, Pastor & Associats, that I left to found GAP in 2013. Before that, in 2009 I co-founded VISITARQ, an online architectural guide, and in 2013 we create AIRSUITE, an innovative accommodation service. I enjoy building nice things and opportunities, that generate some positive value, an impulse that I try to reflect to my daily routine and relations.

Albert Albareda Valls. Architect - Founder & Partner. Architecture Bachelor Degree along with a PhD in Structural Engineering by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) from the Tech University of Catalonia (UPC). Professor of Structural Design in the Barcelona School of Architecture, visiting professor in 2013 in the Civil and Environmental Department in Northeastern University (Boston, MA) and Coordinator in the program "Structural Engineering in Architecture" of the UPC School Foundation. I lead a small architectural and structural engineering family office, and in 2013 we founded GAP, to grow and implement different business strategies to reach a larger market base and explore new ways to leverage our potential capabilities.



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