Design and architecture on the rooftop of a factory. Courtyard Xiaoya by DA XIANG Design Studio

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Project team
Chief designer.- Jianyu Jiang. Design team.- Huaming Yu, Rui Chen, Shui Li, Yuanjun Dong, Xiaohua Zheng. Furnishing.- Tingting Lou.
Furnishing accessories.- DA XIANG Lotus. Construction organization.- Hangzhou Jutie.
Haining, Jiaxing, China.
Haha Lu.
Wenchen Fang.

Jianyu Jiang. DA XIANG Design Studio

DA XIANG Design Studio started in Hangzhou in 1999, the team focuses on the  design for boutique restaurants, hotels and cultural buildings in the aesthetic context of Linquan (refers to the secluded places of the refined scholars where there're many beautiful sceneries including mountains, forests, springs and stones), and also the practice and research of furnishings design. DA XIANG is committed to the expression of space artistic conception under the background of Oriental culture, emphasizing the integration of space and environment, advocating the balance between space aesthetics and commercial.

Design philosophy: Inspired from Linquan, and learn from nature, return to inner peace and tranquility.

The designer's team is formed by Jianyu Jiang, Shui Li, Yuanjun Dong, Xiaohua Zheng, Tingting Lou and Huaming Yu.

His founder, Jianyu Jiang, studied the China Academy of Art University Master of Fine Arts (MFA). He has received different awards such as Andrew Martin Design Awards in 2015, Best Restaurants Of Beijing And Shanghai in 2014, Jintang Prize-Top 10 Restaurant/ Hotel/ Villa Space Design in 2013 and China International Design Art Fair-Senior Designer Of The Year in 2009.



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