Escape from chaos, a refuge near the sea. SP House by Rodrigo Valenzuela Jerez (E)studioRO

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Design team
Principal architect.- Rodrigo Valenzuela Jerez. Project architect.- Juan Pablo Valenzuela Ardiles. Drawings.- Valentina Varela.
Structural engineer.- DEC Ingenieros - Marcelo Sepúlveda. Electrical engineer.- Ingeniería JM.
UNIH Arquitectura & Construcción - Eduardo Hirose.
GFA.- 120 sqm. Site area.- 5000 sqm.
950 USD/ sqm.
Design.- 2017. Completion.- 2019.
Tunquén, Region of Valparaíso, Chile.

(E)studioRO. Rodrigo Valenzuela Jerez

Rodrigo Valenzuela Jerez (1978) graduated in Architecture from Universidad de Chile (2003), Master of Fine Arts with a Major in Visual Arts from Universidad de Chile (2011), and Master of Science in Advance Architectural Design at Columbia University (2014). 

He has been awarded with a Fulbright Scholar grant (2013), honored with a Scholarship from the Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT-Chile) (2013), and a Scholarship from the National Fund for the Development of the Arts, (FONDART-Chile) (2008).

From 2014 works in architecture through (E)StudioRO(E)Studio Futur@ and RVJAA.

Between 2005-2013 he co-directed Murúa-Valenzuela Architects. The firm was focused on public architecture. Some international recognition of the studio work includes an invitation to participate in the MoMA- Young Architects Program in Santiago (2013), Grand Prize in the XVII Biennale of Chilean Architecture received for the co-design of Licantén Public Library (2010). 

Rodrigo Valenzuela Jerez has been, adjunct professor at Columbia University (2014-2015) visiting professor at Universidad de Chile (2012&2019) and assistant teacher in Universidad Diego Portales (2008-2010) in Santiago, Chile. Currently he is an associate professor and studio coordinator at Universidad de Las Americas Santiago, Chile (2017-2020).



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