Exhibition Design for 'Building Culture' Vienna

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Heribert Wolfmayr and Josef Saller. heri&salli

heri&salli was formed in 2004 by Heribert Wolfmayr (1973) and Josef Saller (1971). They work on spatial drafts and architectural horizons; they work with interventions, bound with surroundings and landscapes which reach their targets in materiality compared with people. By opposites, put into interlinked connections, an architectural idea - as a collection of different substantial barriers and surfaces – reaches its concept and necessity in connection with material, open space and human being. Man as active being always is the reason for possibilities of architectural drafts.

Theresa Häfele, Julia Nuler and Matthäa Ritter. miss vdr architektur

miss_vdr architektur was formed by Theresa Häfele, Julia Nuler and Matthäa Ritter in 2010. The name is, so to say, the programme for the team that had studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts as well as in Berlin, Copenhagen and Santiago de Chile. Because, in this connection, it is not a coincidence that three women have joined forces in one field of work whose image has been characterised almost exclusively by men as a matter of tradition. In this respect, they too are curious what constellation will come about as a result. Up until now, feedback has been absolutely positive, whether in cooperation with contractors or business partners. If other new solutions are the result of joint discussion and communication, these are mainly the better ones, they are sure.

miss_vdr architektur puts the emphasis on the field of architecture that also correspond to their inner sense of conviction. Their ambitions apply both to social as well as ecological sustainability, socio-political fairness and quality of life. Last but not least, planning and building follow an inclusive approach that focuses on the human factor.




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