Sullner House in Vorarlberg.

Sullner House in Vorarlberg.
By miss_vdr architektur. [Sulz] Austria.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Three young architects, miss_vdr office based in Vienna, built this house in the Austrian region of Vorarlberg, on a privileged location between the Alps and Lake Constance. According to what they tell us, the project is based on a clear determination that the life inside a house should leave and show the traces. Photographs are by Severin Wurnig.

Project description by architects.

The act of living may leave its traces - the surfaces may be transformed by the workings of the elements.

Living on the hillside.
The spacial concept of the building was fixed directly on the site. For this house, „living on the hillside“ was taken literally and used as the architectural principle with all its consequences. Therefore, natural hillside slope was kept in its original state. The inhabitants‘ movement through the house resembles the climbing of a slope: it is a gradual process, leading step by step across the various levels up or down.

The building as a landscape.
The building slightly shifts out of axis to emancipate itself from its counterpart vis-à-vis - the Swiss mountains. Visual references are an important part of the architectural concept, for example when opening up the living room view to the distant waters of Lake Constance.

The metallic building structure more

miss vdr architektur

miss_vdr architektur was formed by Theresa Häfele, Julia Nuler and Matthäa Ritter in 2010. The name is, so to say, the programme for the team that had studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts as well as in Berlin, Copenhagen and more