Experiencing space through the senses. Mandala Lab by EXTUDIO / ENORME Studio

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2022. Open to public 1-17th June 2022.
Doña Casilda Park, Bilbao, Spain.
estudioballoon. Javier de Paz García.

Carmelo Rodríguez, Rocío Pina and David Pérez ENORME STUDIO

ENORME Studio is the evolution of three co-founders of PKMN Architectures, they're Carmelo Rodríguez, Rocío Pina and David Pérez. After having collaborated for ten years on more than one hundred projects they've just started with a new shared initiative that keeps the same radical approach to architecture. They design and build ARCHITECTURE PROJECTS based on industrial systems and typological innovation.

They're specialists in mobile systems design applied to housing, office design and retail. They have changed the traditional concept of room in architecture, creating spaces that are easily converted through simple gestures. They design and perform participation dynamics in the domain of city construction through their creative services platform CIUDAD CREA CIUDAD and the creation of CITIZENSHIP BRAND IDENTITIES. Their aim is to foster alternative ways to examine urban issues and to motivate the creation of a proactive citizen culture. They design and apply TACTICAL URBANISM tools that transfer teamwork strategies and collective thinking dynamics into public and private space design and management. Their aim is to give the city back to citizens as an emotional, plural and relational space.

Néstor Montenegro. Extudio

Extudio is a architectural studio based in Madrid, founded and led by Néstor Montenegro. They are a transversal office dedicated to thought, creation and production of Architecture in several fields such as individual and collective housing, commercial and work spaces, public venues and city infrastructures, interior design and efimeral instalations.



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