FITUR 2024 National Paradores Pavilion. Light Network Landscape by Equipo 01

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Equipo 01 Architecture & Design. Lead architect.- Jesús San Vicente.
January 24-28, 2024.
IFEMA Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
Nets.- IRC.

Jesús San Vicente. Equipo 01 Architecture and Design

Equipo 01 Architecture & Design. The architecture studio was founded by Jesús San Vicente.

Jesús San Vicente, founder and director, is a professor at the Madrid School of Architecture and the European Institute of Design IED, where he teaches courses and workshops on interior design, products, scenography and fashion retail. He directs the AMD Architecture, Fashion and Design postgraduate course at ETSAM.

EQUIPO 01 is a company made up of architects, graphic and industrial designers, illustrators and communication experts who solve their work in an integrated and global way. Global design is the ability to communicate an idea by any means available to you.

Great organizational flexibility allows us to form appropriate teams based on the singularities of each project, under the direction of a single person in charge who guarantees the objectives of innovation, quality and global control.

In an increasingly complex and competitive world that evolves rapidly, EQUIPO 01 set itself the task of reinventing the concept of brand communication through unique and exciting spaces.

For 30 years, the company EQUIPO 01 has specialized in Space Design and Strategic Branding Development for companies, institutions and brands. They carry out architectural projects, ephemeral spaces, corporate stands, museums and exhibitions, retail, offices, commercial spaces, interior design, product and furniture design, graphic design and brand strategy development.

They aim to create new experiences for users in spaces where emotion is what counts. Areas in which visitors feel comfortable and where effective communication leaves a door open to the world of the senses.



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