Fragmenting the house to connect with nature, “Casa Rosario" by Dosa Studio + Rojkind Arquitectos

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Dosa Studio + Rojkind Arquitectos. Michel Rojkind, Ruth Diaz, Raúl Medina, Sergio Sousa, Victor Cruz, Elí Ambris, Mariana Rodríguez, Paola Monreal, Gustavo Guadarrama, Lorey Patlán, Carlos Espinosa.
Reconstruir Mexico, Pienza Sostenible, Carlos Zedillo. Mobiliario.- Nomah.


Michel Rojkind was born on December 18, 1969, in Mexico City, Mexico. When he was 18, in 1987, he joined Aleks Syntek’s band “La Gente Normal”, as its drummer, with whom he continued playing untill 1999, when the band broke apart, after 12 years and 4 albums.

While playing with “La Gente Normal”, Michel studied architecture and urban planning at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and, after working on his own for several years, he teamed up with Isaac Broid and Miquel Adria to establish the architectural firm “Adria+Broid+Rojkind” (1998-2002). With the idea of exploring new challenges that address contemporary society, to design compelling experiences that go beyond mere functionality, and to connect at a deeper level with the intricacies of each project, he established, in 2002, an independent firm (rojkind arquitectos), recognized by Architectural Record in 2005 as “one of the best ten Design Vanguard firms”.

Dosa Studio

DOSA STUDIO. Founded in 2014 in Mexico City by Raúl Medina and Sergio Sousa, focused on spatial and emotional experimentation, at the different scales of architectural design. In each of the projects they develop, the user's problems are addressed, seeking to impact positively in the context, providing integral solutions to reach any type of audience.



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