From Francis Kéré, New Substance to Rosalia and Mon Laferte in 2019 Coachella Festival

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Diébédo Francis Kéré

Diébédo Francis Kéré (b.1965, in Gando, Burkina Faso, west Africa) trained at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany, started his Berlin based practice, Kéré Architecture, in 2005. Kéré Architecture has been recognised nationally and internationally with awards, including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (2004) for his first building, a primary school in Gando, Burkina Faso; LOCUS Global Award for Sustainable Architecture (2009); Global Holcim Award Gold (2011 and 2012); Green Planet Architects Award (2013); Schelling Architecture Foundation Award (2014); and the Kenneth Hudson Award –European Museum of the Year (2015).

Projects undertaken by Francis Kéré span countries, including Burkina Faso,Mali, China, Mozambique, Kenya, Togo, Sudan, Germany and Switzerland. He has taught internationally, including the Technical University of Berlin, and he has held professorships at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Accademia di Architettura di Mendriso in Switzerland.

Kéré’s work has recently been the subject of solo exhibitions: Radically Simple at the Architecture Museum, Munich (2016) and The Architecture of Francis Kéré: Building for Community, Philadelphia Museum of Art (2016). His work has also been selected for group exhibitions: Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement, Museum of Modern Art, New York (2010) and Sensing Spaces, Royal Academy, London (2014).

Among his main works are the Primary School (2001) and the Library (under construction) of Gando, Burkina Faso; the Health and Social Promotion Center (2014) and the Opera Village (under construction), both in Laongo, Burkina Faso; the Satellite of the Volksbühne Theater at the Tempelhof Airport, in Berlin (temporary installation, 2016); or the Pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery of the year 2017.

Newsubstance Newsubstance

NEWSUBSTANCE is a UK based studio who imagine, design, build and perform for the global entertainment industry, specialising in show design and bespoke performance structures. They are creative disruptors who have been realizing brave and ambitious projects around the world for more than 15 years. The collective’s breadth of work includes the design and automation of a scenic meadow for the European Games in Azerbaijan, scenic automation for Disney’s Broadway production of Frozen, the design and U.S. and U.K. tour of The Strongman with Mumford & Sons. The Coachella installation, Spectra, won the 2018 Best of Design Award in the Lighting–Outdoor category at the Architects Newspaper Awards and a gold prize at the International Design Awards.
"We have over 13 years experience in realising brave and ambitious projects all over the world helping clients imagine the most creative ways to communicate with their audience. We occupy a space where design meets drama, yielding creativity to challenge, engage and amaze its audience. Whether it is a bespoke commission, developing creative or pure fabrication we build from a strong performance point of view and engineering perspective propelled by the principle that every aspect of our work has to perform."

Patrick Shearn Poetic Kinetics

Poetic Kinetics specializes in large-scale art installations and experiential design from concept through execution and beyond. Based in Los Angeles and born from the film, concert/live event, and circus industries, Poetic Kinetics evolved from collaborations between skilled artists in diverse realms seeking new creative expressions.

Founded by artist Patrick Shearn, Poetic Kinetics taps into nature, science, and discovery to create larger-than-life, interactive, and experiential kinetic sculpture. The Los Angeles design studio brings diverse skills and experience to collaborations that surprise, inspire, and educate people about sustainability.

Dedo Vabo Dedo Vabo

Dedo Vabo creates in the realm of absurdity, combining visual art, technology and performance elements that “confuse, confound, and make people laugh.” Dedo Vabo is the joint venture of Derek Doublin and Vanessa Bonet. Their art is the combined efforts of a vast team of about 180 fellow artists, makers, engineers, fabricators, special effects and animatronics experts, friends, and oddballs, they aim to entertain while highlighting the absurd, mundane, and sometimes-sinister undertones of society. They were birthed at the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk in 2011.

Andrew Kovacs Office Kovacs

Office Kovacs is led by Andrew Kovacs, who teaches in the UCLA Architecture and Urban Design Department and is the creator and curator of Archive of Affinities blog, an outlet for his fascination for finding and sharing architecture’s unturned stones, or “B-sides,” which he shares on social media.

“Instagram has allowed for a more rapid and open exchange of ideas, sensibilities, and tastes,” he says, adding that social platforms broaden the reach of architecture. In 2015, Kovacs created Bust of Medusa, a model constructed with found objects that speculates on the possibility of collective, densely populated human habitation. He collaborates with L.A.-based architectural designer Erin Wright, who joined Office Kovacs over two years ago.

Sofía Enriquez

Sofia Enriquez is a visual artist from the Coachella Valley, California, whose practice consists of large-scale murals, up-cycled and re-painted vintage clothing, and fine art works. Her first forays into art were volunteering for the Palm Springs Art Museum (where she would eventually teach), the Coachella Valley Art Scene and other local arts organizations. Simultaneously Enriquez developed her own art-infused fashion line ‘MUCHO’ where she incorporated her own designs onto vintage clothes.

In 2014, Enriquez graduated from Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, California with a BFA in Communication Arts. Since then, Enriquez has painted over 30 murals and public art works for cities in California. She has also created portraits internationally in Mexico City, Tokyo, and Paris and for Goldenvoice music festivals - including the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Sofía Enríquez’s paintings and murals, with her signature, Modigliani-esque female faces floating in colorful fields with paisleys and text, assert a subtle message that promotes feminism and racial equality. The Cathedral City-based artist also paints her distinctive iconography — cell phones, dollar signs, eyes, bottles, lips, words, and phrases — onto her fashion line.



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