From girls' school to retreat space. Reform in Menorca by Anna Truyol and Emma Martí

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Artchimboldi. Anna Truyol, Emma Martí.
Quantity surveyor.- Manel Alzina Sintes. Cristina Pons (Agente Norte).
Construcciones Virfin SL. Carpentry Carpintería.- Biniarroca SL.
GFA.- 230 m².
Completion.- June 2020.
Sant Lluís, Menorca, Spain.

Anna Truyol Artchimboldi

Artchimboldi. Anna Truyol, founder of Artchimboldi, she studied piano, Industrial Engineering and an MBA. After eight years working in a multinational company and studying coaching and psychology, in 2005 she became independent with a new business concept, Artchimboldi. With this new study, she proposes the creation environments that would humanize the company. Pleasant, warm and functional spaces; comfortable environments that allow concentration and at the same time facilitate relationships, where you contribute to others and where you are inspired by others. “We are sensory, emotional beings and the environment exerts a great influence on us almost without us being aware of it”.


Emma Martí

Emma Martí. Born on the island of Menorca. Graduated in Architecture at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV) in 2005. Interior Design studies at Eina School (University Center of Design and Art of Barcelona, attached to the UAB). Professional experience in Barcelona working with Claudi Aguiló, Martí Sanz and Albert Domingo at dataAE; and with Jesús Cardona and Ferran Vizoso at Ens Arquitectura. In 2008, she settled in Menorca with Cristina Moll founding the studio Moll y Martí Arquitectura. After working in public administration, in 2013 she started a new professional stage with the studio EMMAMARTÍ | ARQUITECTURA.




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