Grow old respecting the original. New House with Old Mill by RDTH architekti

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RDTH architekti. Lead architects.- René Dlesk, Tamara Kolaříková.
Project team
Tomáš Oriešek, Ján Madura.
Landscape architect.- Land05 (Martina Forejtová).
Structural engineering.- Rudolf Babulík, Jan Čadílek, MIRHAUS.
General contractor.- MIRHAUS.
Built-up area.- 160 m² family house, 95 m² parking object, 65 m² mill.
Gross floor area.- 228 m² family house, 108 m² parking object, 122 m² mill.
Usable floor area.- 190 m² family house, 83 m² parking object, 81 m² mill.
Plot size.- 1,173 m².
Project year.- 2016-2017.
Completion year.- 2022.
Trenčín-Opatová, Slovakia.
KA dining table and bench.- Javorina.
Fold It sofa.- Arteston.
Garden furniture.- Tina chair, Spulka table - Egoe.
Linoleum flooring.- Tarkett.
Wood + aluminium windows.- Drevár.
Wood fibers thermal insulation.- STEICO.
Terracotta roof tiles.- CREATON.
Facade cladding boards.- CEMBRIT.
Filip Beránek.
Dron photos.- Mário Puškarev.

Tamara Kolaříková, René Dlesk. RDTH architekti

RDTH architekti is an architecture studio founded in Prague in 2017 by Tamara Kolaříková (Horová) and René Dlesk that works mainly on small and medium-scale private projects, new construction and renovations, and smaller urban projects for the public sector.

The studio provides a complete service from conceptual design to the processing of detailed documentation after overseeing successful implementation, ensuring engineering activity and representation of the client in negotiations with authorities, and cooperating with reliable external experts and suppliers.

Knowing that the role of the architect is the responsible cultivation of the environment, which differs from the analytical perception of the context, they seek the best answer for a specific task, working with humility. Individual design adapted to the given space and the needs and wishes of the client. Not by building soulless buildings, but by creating authentic places to live.



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