Huda Restaurant by Beijing INX DESIGN

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Beijing INX DESIGN Co., Ltd. Lead project.- Wu Wei.
Design team
Liu Chenyang, Jia Qifeng, Ying Zheguang.
Huda Restaurant
Gross Built Area.- 760 m²

Wu Wei Beijing INX DESIGN

Beijing IN•X Design Co., Ltd., founded in 2005 by interior architect Wu Wei (Wu Qihua), is a forward-looking strategic space design consultancy with a global vision and local experience. Provides all-round consulting and design services centered on dining space design. Since its establishment, it has served many famous domestic and international catering and home brands such as Swarovski, Qumei Home, Four Seasons Folk Boiled Duck Shop.

This is a diverse and diverse team of architects, interior designers, product designers and professional brand consultants. The company provides brand strategy and design services, combined with a large database and catering experts resources to develop precise market positioning for the brand. The team is forward-looking, innovative and executive, providing interior design, soft-pack design, product design and other case design services, providing brand-innovative and economical solutions for different projects according to local conditions. The essence of culture is combed and refined, and it is integrated into the space in the form of modern freehand.



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