Kindergarten Bressol in Vilanova del Vallés

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David Sebastian and Gerard Puig are architects graduated by “Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona” [ETSAB] in 2001. Pines and Aymerich-Save complete their formation in the Car to me Study respectively. The office was created the year 2000 in Barcelona by David Sebastian, and from 2006 they have shared study and projects.

David Sebastian has been professor invited in the School of Architecture of Talca (Chile), EDRA School (Rubí) and the Eina School (Barcelona). Gerard Puig has been professor in school EDRA (Rubí) between 2003 and 2009. They have received diverse prizes and mentions, and its work has been shown in different exhibitions like “Arquitectures Sense Lloc” (Barcelona, 2009), and “Sensible Matter: 10 Catalan Young Architects” (Lisbon, A Coruña, Berlin and Barcelona, 2010-2012).

They were selected like one of the 9 representing offices of the “Catalan and Balearic Pavilion” (Vogadors_Architectural Rowers) in the last edition of the Biennale of Architecture Venice 2012, and recently its work “Art and Design School in Amposta” has been name to the Prize of Contemporary Architecture of the Union Europea_Mies Van der Rohe 2013.


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