La lonja building By Jose Alvarez Checa

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Jose Alvarez Checa
Design Team
Estudio Jose Alvarez Checa
Engineering.- Aurelio Vazquez, SERTESA Landscaping.- Estudio Jose Alvarez Checa Consultants.- Felix Escrig Pallares, José Sanchez Sanchez Collaborators.- Antonio Olaya Camacho, Antonio Rivas Perez
Autoridad Portuaria de Huelva
6.380 m

José Álvarez Checa José Álvarez Checa

José Álvarez Checa arquitecto, from the Technical School of Seville and a Numerary academic from the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature of Huelva. He has been in the International Competition of the International Union of Architects, held in Madrid, with a paper on "Emergency Habitats". Collected in the publications of the International Union of Architects. "English Architecture in Huelva" and "Seville Architecture." in the II International Seminar of Contemporary Architecture. "Menéndez y Pelayo" in the course on "Public Dotational Architecture" Sevilla 1.987. Speaker at the "Antonio Machado" University, in Baeza, in the course on "Public Architecture in Andalusia". Jaén 1.991.

Lecturer at the Architecture Biennial of Quito (Ecuador) with two lectures: "The built work of Luis Barragán", and "Own work of J. Alvarez Checa", Ecuador, November 1.994. Conference at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas. Venezuela. 1,995. In the School of Superior Engineers of Valencia (Venezuela) 1995. About his own work in the Architecture Biennial of Costa Rica (June 1996). And the Embassy of Spain. Spanish Cultural Center. Dominican Republic, with two conferences: "The built work of Luis Barragán", and "Own work of J. Alvarez Checa", Santo Domingo. March 1999 Likewise, he has an extensive professional career with built work and national and international won competitions.



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