Mimicry and play of contrasts. Ca N’Alegre by Bergnes de las Casas

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Project team
Rodrigo Alvarez Acosta, Ania Moreno Azor, Naiara Illanes.
875 sqm.
Barcelona, Spain.

Victor Bergnes de las Casas Gabarró. Bergnes de las Casas

Bergnes de las Casas is a youthful architecture and interior design studio, located in Barcelona, which works on both disciplines in parallel, demonstrating equal interest in each project.

Architect  Victor Bergnes de las Casas Gabarró (1987) began his career as an architect in a Dutch studio while studying architecture at EsArq, from which he graduated with honors in 2010. He settled in Barcelona and founded Bergnes de las Casas, intending to create an honest and serene architecture.

The studio prioritises simple, timeless practice. It stands out for the particular attention it gives to proportion, materiality and light, thanks to essential experience and its Mediterranean culture, which gives its work a warmth of its own.

Loyal to its Mediterranean roots, it pays tribute to its architectural legacy, adding references from Japanese and Nordic architecture, both examples of simple, timeless, high quality practice. Through top quality materials, great concern for the project site on the ground and respecting the location’s traditions whilst tending to the user experience, it creates architecture that not only respects the surrounding area but also strengthens it.

The feeling of timelessness gives it the feeling of permanence that is essential for all good architecture. Consequently, the studio backs clear, serene lines that manage to control the volume, proportion, geometry, sequences and the composition of a project, resulting in a harmonious and balanced whole.



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