The Mount Herzl Memorial Hall by Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

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Kimmel Eshkolot Architects (in collaboration with Kalush Chechick Architects) Architects in charge: Etan Kimmel, Limor Amrani
Ministry of Defence – families and Commemoration Department
Structural engineering.- Haim & Yehiel Steinberg Structural Engineering Construction manager.- E.D. Rahat Engineering Coordination and Management Ltd. Eliezer Rahat, Daniel Rahat. Design phase Manager and coordinator.- Eran Garber E.S.L Engineers Lighting Design.- Amir Brenner Lighting Design. 3D Molds manufacturer.- XENOM.
Green Construction Ltd. Project manager.- Nadav Rubin. Engineer.- Eran Rosenberg
Light Bell optimization
R/O/B Technologies - ETH Zurich. IDF Merkava and Armored Vehicles Directorate.

Architects Kimmel Eshkolot

Kimmel Eshkolot Architects is an Israeli architecture practice, founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1986, by Etan Kimmel and Michal Kimmel Eshkolot.. In their first years of practice, they were involved in the preservation and rehabilitation of Neve Tzedek, the historical neighborhood of Tel Aviv. In 1993 they were awarded the Rokach prize for architecture for their projects in Neve Zedek. In the same year Ilan Carmi joined the practice, and became associate in 1997.

Throughout the years they won several national competitions for the design of high-profile public projects, such as the new expansion of the government compound (“Kiryat Hamemshala”) in Jerusalem, the Davidson Museum in the Archaeological Park near the Western Wall and the Memorial Center for Israeli military casualties in Mount Herzl.

In 2011 they won the Rechter Prize for Architecture, considered to be the most prestigious award for architecture in Israel. They received the award for the design of a rehabilitation center in Be’er Sheva, in the south of Israel. This project was also selected for project of the year in the international competition of the magazine Israeli Architecture.

The practice is currently involved in dozens of projects in different scales, both in Israel and in Europe.

Kimmel Eshkolot is often invited to participate in short-list competitions. This has led to many projects and awards, such as the following.-

Davidson Museum, Jerusalem (1998)
Beth Halochem in Beer Sheva (2002)
Steinhardt Building in Tel Aviv University (2009)
Ramot Campus in Beer Sheva (2010)
Israeli government compound expansion, Jerusalem (2010)
Netanya City Hall Tower (2011)
Forum Exhibition Halls Building in the “Shuk Sitonay” project, Tel Aviv (2012)
Check-Point Building in Tel Aviv University (2013)



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