Natural tools to design. Casa MB by Gabriel Montañés

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Quantity surveyors.- Rafael Mus and Amílcar Seguí
Miquel Orfila Moll

Gabriel Montañes

Gabriel Montañes. An architecture firm from Menorca and most of their work is based there with their island in mind.
Architecture. I started to develop it in Barcelona, followed by Amsterdam and Ghana and later Australia, where I was lucky enough to meet a person who had a massive influence on me : Glenn Murcutt. I learned a lot from him, so much, and above all that I needed to try to focus on architecture without great pretensions, a type that was even ordinary – but that I had to work on as best as I could. With all my might.

An office formed by three other architects: Esther Todo, Aina Oliver, Laura Cañas.



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