The necessary recovery of urban nature. Bosque de Chapultepec Environmental Culture Center by ErreQErre

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ErreQErre, arquitectura y urbanismo. Lead architect.- Rafael Ponce Ortiz
Project team
Arq. Rafael Ponce Ortiz, Arq. Margarita Gorbea Angeles, Arq. Cesar Ávila, Arq. Oscar Díaz Gaspar, Arq. Abigail Esparza, Arq. Diego Bueno de la Paz, Arq. Valerio López Acevedo.
Project Partner
Ing. Juan Ansberto Cruz.
Landscape Engineering.- Ing. Juan Ansberto Cruz Gerón, Arq. Psj. Paola Patricia González Ordaz, Architect Fabiola Alvarado, Architect Gerardo Tapia, Architect Eduardo Santiago, Architect Psj. Pearl Flowers.
- Plant Proposal.- Ministry of the Environment: Arq. Psj. Rodrigo Canjay Torres, Arch. Psj. Pamela Vélez, Mtro. Arch. Psj. Fortino Acosta.
- Engineering and Environmental Design.- Dr. Alejandro de Alva, Biol. Amado Ríos, Eng. Edgar Ojeda Sotelo, Biol. Oscar Ramírez, Dr. Coral Rojas Serrano, Eng. Javier Cuauhtémoc Blancas Ponce.
- Geometry and Structural Analysis.- Arch. Eric Valdez Olmedo.- Arch. Axayacatl Sánchez.
- Museography.- Adriana Miranda.
Gobierno Federal / Secretaría de Cultura.
Gobierno de la CDMX / Secretaría del Medio Ambient.
Coordinator of the Chapultepec Nature and Culture Project
Gabriel Orozco.
90,822 m².
Competition.- 2021.
Construction.- 2022 -2023.
Chapultepec Forest, Mexico City, Mexico.
Margarita Gorbea, Marcos Betanzos.

Rafael Ponce ErreQErre

ErreQErre. Architecture studio based in Mexico City, founded by Rafael Ponce in 2013. The studio has developed projects at different scales of a public and private nature, having extensive experience in public space improvement projects.

Rafael Ponce is an architect from UNAM. He received a scholarship from FOECAH with the Young Creators program in 2003 and from FONCA in 2004 with support for “Large Scale” studies abroad at the UPC in Barcelona.

He has worked in different offices in Mexico and Spain. Collaborating in the GDF Public Space Authority from 2009 to 2012, he participated in various urban rehabilitation projects for Mexico City.



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