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atakarchitekti. Archtiects.- Jiří Janďourek, Ondřej Novák, and Jana Janďourková Medlíková,
Construction engineer.- David Mareček. Graphic design.- Jan Stolín.
Built-up Area.- 590 m².
GFA.- 1550 m².
Usable Floor Area.- 1247 m².
Plot size.- 852 m².
Dimensions.- 6446 m³.
Project year.- 2018.
Completion year.- 2021.
Nad Školou 342, 463 11 Liberec – Vratislavice nad Nisou, Czech Republic.

Slate roof, delivery of trusses, metal facade, plumbing.- ANEXI.
Steel fire protection doors.- ASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia.
Roller shutters in new building.- Barevný svět Liberec.
Steel mesh in railings.- CABLETECH.
Supplier of cinema seats.- HOKO-VH.
Orchard landscaping, gravel areas.- EKOFLORA Liberec.
Locksmithing elements.- Houška OK.
Awning in the basement of the original house.- IG GROUP.
Carpet laying in the hall.- Koberce Breno.
Epoxy floors, outdoor concretes.- KOREPO.
Locksmith constructions: pylons in front of the house, covering of air outlets.- KOVO – BOUDÍK.
Supplier of granite elements.- stairs in front of the house including sides.- LIGRANIT.
Supplier of slotted gutters.- MEA Water.
Wooden floors.- Miroslav Číla.
Stonework.- Petr Lexmaul.
Paintings.- RAHA, malíři a natěrači.
BS + CH.- Thermica plus.
Supplier of prefabricated concrete elements.- ŽPSV.
Multimedia equipment supplier.- ART Vision.
Manufacture of historic wooden windows.- čekro CZ.
Air conditioning, measurement and regulation.- INT CZ.
Power and low-voltage current.- SYNER.
Joinery constructions, historical fillings, furniture.- DL – TIAL.
Glazed walls.- GLASS VISION.
Aluminium assemblies, circular skylight.- BREX.

Tomáš Souček.

Jana Medlíková, Jiří Janďourek. Atelier atakarchitekti

Atelier atakarchitekti (aťák for short) was founded in 2010 by Jana Medlíková and Jiří Janďourek after a long-term collaboration. Currently, the studio is led by Jana and consists of six architects and a dog. The studio is dedicated to projects of various scales, from original furniture to urban planning. The team is complemented by Ondřej Novák, Pavlína Nováková, Michaela Říhová and Michaela Doležalová.

Jiří Janďourek head of the department of the Office of Architecture the city of Liberec assistant professor at FUA TUL. Architect, FS BUT Brno, 1993-1998. Department of Architecture and Urbanism, FUA TUL Liberec, 2003-2006. Field of fine arts doctoral study program, FUA TUL Liberec, 2015-present.

Jana Medlíková is a member of the Territorial Development and Planning Committee of the Liberec City Council. Member of the Council of Architects of the city of Liberec. Architect by FA VUT Brno, 1994-2002.



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