New Headquarters for BBVA, the first phase will open in July at the first fortnight.

New Headquarters for BBVA, the first phase will open in July at the first fortnight.
[VIDEO] BBVA. By Herzog & de Meuron. [MAD] Spain.
The first phase of BBVA City, situated in the north of Madrid, is already completed and the first employees of the financial institution will begin to install in the coming weeks progressively. It's estimated that in December 2.000 people will be working. The works of the second phase continues apace and is expected that the new headquarters will open in the first quarter of 2015, with capacity for 6.000 employees.

Project Description from the Architects.

A desert-like non-place.

BBVA’s new headquarters is located on the northern periphery of Madrid. The site faces the highway and is surrounded by newly built offices, commercial buildings, and residential developments. It is a “site without qualities”, a site that is nowhere and everywhere at the same time, a desert-like non-place. When BBVA bought the site, eight partially built structures occupied a substantial portion of the land. As many of the existing buildings as possible were to be incorporated into the new development.

An oasis, a carpet.

A linear structure of three-story buildings, with courtyards, passages, and irrigated gardens is laid over the entire site – which has a considerable slope - like a carpet, analogous to an Arabian garden. The low-rise arrangement fosters communication: instead of taking elevators, people walk up stairs that encourage informal exchange; maximized visual transparency gives everybody a view and more


Herzog & de Meuron Architekten is a Swiss architecture firm, founded and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland in 1978. The careers of founders and senior partners Jacques Herzog (born 1950), and Pierre de Meuron (born 1950), closely paralleled one another, with both attending the Swiss Federal Institute of more