The new Reale Group office building by Iotti + Pavarani Architetti and Artecna

The new Reale Group office building by Iotti + Pavarani Architetti and Artecna
[Turin] Italy
The new Reale Group office building by Iotti + Pavarani Architetti and Artecna. Photograh © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura
A new headquarters of the Reale Group in Turin, Italy, integrates with the adjoining buildings establishing the relationship between the historic and the contemporary but also seeking to incorporate innovation.

The project by Iotti + Pavarani Architetti and Artecna is located in the historic center of Turin. It is an ambitious project that occupies 23 500 m² for office space and 1700 m² for an interior courtyard. In the façades you can identify a rhythm that encourages the integration of the building due to the materials, the colors, the proportions and its simple geometry.

Description of the project by Iotti + Pavarani Architetti and Artecna

The new operations headquarters of Reale Group in Turin was recently opened. It was built on ground of the southwestern border of the city’s Roman castrum to replace a pre-existing building from the Seventies. The historical and contemporary merge in a dialectic relationship with the context that catalyzes new regenerative processes of the more

General project and site construction supervision
Artecna srl (Roberto Tosetti, Ilaria Gia
rdina, Valeria Costelli, Enrico Alessio)
Building envelope and artistic direction
Iotti + Pavarani Architetti (Paolo Iotti
, Marco Pavarani) Collaborators.- Saverio Cantoni, Sara Montanari, Enrico Zetti)
Interior design and space planning
Archilabs (Riccardo Minelli, Antonio Man
Structural engineering.-Simete (Stefano
Dalmasso, Gennaro Rizzi) Mechanical and fire systems.- Studio Tecnico Rosselli (Antonio Curcio) Electrical systems.- Pierluigi Mancuso Acoustics.-Gianni Belletti, Acusma consulting Srl (Fabrizio Vendramin) Structural tests.- Paolo Bormida Supervisor.- Massimo Pelloso Pilotage.- Giampiero Tuozzo Safety coordinator during design and construction.-Studio O. Siniscalco (Umberto Siniscalco) Geology.- Genovese & Associati (Giuseppe Genovese, Pietro Campantico) Energy validation.- Andrea Cagni Environmental comfort.- Marco Simonetti BIM.-Anna Osello, Francesco Semeraro, Greta Lucibello LEED Accredited Professional.- Habitech (Giulia Menegazzi, Stefania Agosta) COMMISSIONING AUTHORITY.- Remo Massacesi Francesco Maiorino General contractor.- Pessina Costruzioni Spa, Noldem srl Envelope (sub-contractor).- GIULIANI Soc. Coop SUPPLIERS.- Envelope.- Ceramic: Cotto d’Este (Kerlite), Cladding panels: GammaStone, Glass: Guardian, Lighting: iGuzzini Construction.- Floors: Floor Gres / Interface / Tarkett, Modular false ceiling: Rokfon, Doors: Pietrelli legno / Novoferm, Bathroom fixtures: Azzurra, Elevators: Schindler Systems.- Flacktwoods , Climaveneta, AERMEC, DAIKIN, Siemens, ABB, Beghelli, Emerson, Vimar Furniture.-Faram, Mottura, Audia
General project commission.- June 2012
Invitation competition.- 2013 Design.- September 2012 – September 2014 Construction of preliminary works.- June 2013 – December 2014 Construction.- January 2015 – September 2016 Opening.- 29 September 2016
General data
Total floor area.-23.500 m² Inner courty
ard area.- 1.700 m² Exterior envelope.- 8.000 m² Green roofs.- 400 m² Solar panels.- 400 m² Work stations.- 850. Auditorium seats.- 280.
Press office


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Artecna is an engineering and architectural company specialized in the development and implementation of projects to enhance real estate assets, assisting the client from the initial idea up to the delivery of the final work.

Engineer Roberto Tosetti. He has always pursued his career in the Project Management field, first as an assistant in the supervision of the more