An oasis of privacy. Casa Santos by María Gómez, Héctor Coss and Giovanni Ocampo

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María Gomez, Héctor Coss and Giovanni Ocampo.
Project team
Design team.- Carlos Reyes, Alondra Ledezma.
Each module.- 25m². Total.- 369m².
Baja California Sur, México.
Jaime Navarro.

María Gómez

María Gómez is an architect who has more than 15 years in large-scale real estate development in Mexico and the United States.

Founder of multiple private companies, María Gómez is also a consultant with 10 years of experience in various fields including energy, finance and real estate, including navigating regulatory frameworks and government relations at the local, state and federal levels.

Her work is characterized by the way in which all aspects of each project are intertwined, from its strategic and financial conception, through social and governmental relations, to the design and execution of the work.

Héctor Coss arquitectos

Héctor coss arquitectos is an architecture studio founded by the architect Héctor Coss. Along with different friends and partners, he has carried out projects ranging from high-end residential houses, offices and commercial premises, to sustainable urban development and bioclimatic social housing in Mexico and the United States.

Some of the notable works and awards of his career are the design and implementation of the first sustainable, low-impact, rainwater-harvesting residential development in central Texas, USA.

He has been a Finalist Corporate Design Finalist, AD Design Icons, and Issuer of Honor for November 2016 Architectural Digest.

He is an architect selected by CIDS - INFONAVIT among 80 other architecture studios, for research and sustainable development housing projects.



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