Offices for regional government of Andalusia by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

Offices for regional government of Andalusia by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos
[Seville] Spain
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA
Offices for regional government of Andalusia by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos. Photography © P​edro​ P​egenaute. Image courtesy of Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos
Cruz y Ortiz Architects has carried out the project that we are bringing today, an office building for the Ministry of Development and Housing that is located a few meters from Santa Justa Station, Sevilla, carried out by the same architects.
Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos´ project stands out for establishing opposing speeches that enrich the project: aligned to the street but without harming the neighboring buildings, occupying the whole of the plot but giving public space and trees to the city, a singular figure that instead is contained in the perimeter of the plot, opaque and transparent.

Description of the project by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

The project aims to provide a certain uniqueness and public character to the future headquarters of two government ministries, without lessening the required functional efficiency of a standard office building.

A homogeneous open hall of 12.40 metres, without intermediate columns, ideal for an administrative use, gives shape to the building bodies of eight intertwined floors, creating a singular figure. The building, which extends out to the perimeter of the site, defines the alignments of the streets without prejudicing neighbouring buildings.

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Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos
Collaborating architects
Alejandro Álvarez, Blanca Sánchez, Danie
l Rodríguez, Guillermo Torres, H. Salcedo, José Ortiz, Miguel Velasco, Rocío de Vicente, Rodrigo Ruiz
Ilumination: JG Ingenieros Landscape pr
oject: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos, Local 4 Structural engineering: Tedeco Ingenieros Climate engineering: JG Ingenieros Fire safety specialist: Ingeseg Health and safety planning: Cemosa Construction management: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos Site control: Análisis de Edificación y Construcción Contractors: UTE 'Edificio Picasso' (PRINUR + URINCI)
Ministry of Economy and Finance of the A
ndalusian Government
Competition: 2005 Design of project: 2
005-2008 Construction: 2009-2015 Start-up: 2016
Plot: : 4.727 m² Main building: 22.487
m² Other spaces: 18.906 m² Total: 41.393 m²


Architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz started their professional careers in 1971, after graduating from Escuela Superior de Arquitectura in Madrid. In addition to the transformation of the Rijksmuseum, their most well-known projects include the new Atletico de Madrid Stadium, which will also be the new Olympic Stadium if the Madrid 2020 Olympic bid is successful (due for completion in 2016); the more