Oosterwold Co-living Complex by bureau SLA & Zakenmaker

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Mathijs Cremers, Peter van Assche
1440 m²

Peter van Assche bureau SLA

Peter van Assche founded bureau SLA in 2002. This Amsterdam-based architect studio gives shape to a rapidly changing society by designing, researching, inventing and building. bureau SLA offers tangible solutions for how we want to live, work and relax, now and in the future by designing, for example, concepts for new neighbourhoods where the elderly live side by side with young people. Or by building the Nature and Environment Learning Center in Amsterdam, a school building that in itself is a teacher and in which sustainability can be easily experienced and understood by children.

bureau SLA works out circular strategies, not only on paper but also in their buildings. By being innovative in both theory and in practice, they demonstrate that a sustainable transition can be achieved. The architects at bureau SLA apply this trial-and-error way of working to discovering the full potential of material use, energy, waste flows, smart living and working, and development processes.

Mathijs Cremers Zakenmaker

Mathijs Cremers, architect, Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) TU / e, 1998 - 2007. From 2007 to 2012 he collaborates gaining experience as an architect in bureau SLA, in Amsterdam. He created his own studio ZakenMaker, in Utrecht in 2012.



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