Open to art and history. A house in former Seville Jewish quarter by Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra

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Quantity surveyors.- Marcos Vázquez Consuegra con Ignacio González Ruiz.
Project.- Álvaro Luna, Julia Moreno, Eduardo Melero, Pablo Valero, Elena L. Ariza, Rossela Regina, Jara Mahdavi, Gema Gallego, Ignacio Frade, Inma Estévez, José Antonio Morcillo, Pietropaolo Cristini, Rafael Hidalgo, Francesca Arnaboldi, Greta Papetti, Lorenzo Finocchio, Marco Busetti, Miriam Perez-Castilla, Sofia Tonello, Viccenzo Castado.
Structure.- Eduardo Martínez Moya
Facilities.- Insur JG.
Valentina Laura Salcines Torre.
Todo Técnico Construcción TTC Spain.
228.32 sqm.
Project.- 2015-2018.
Construction.- 2018-2020, 2024.
Calle Abades 36, Seville, Spain.
€ 464,578.98
Jesús Granada.
Model photography.- Javier Orive.


Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra (b. Sevilla, Spain 1945). Gold Medal of Spanish Architecture 2016, Spanish Architecture Prize 2005, Andalusia Architecture Prize 2007, Arpafil Prize (Guadalajara, Mexico) 2006, Grand Prize of the International Biennial of Buenos Aires 2011 and Honorary Member of the American Institute of Architects, AIA 2014. His works have received numerous awards, among which are the ArchDaily Building of the 2018 Year Award, The 2015 Plan Award, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum 2015 and 2018 International Architecture Awards, 2014 Iberoamerican Biennial Prize, Ugo Architecture European Prize Rivolta 2008, 2006 ASCER Award, CEOE Foundation Award 2001 and Construmat Prize 1989.

He has participated in multiple exhibitions highlighting the Biennale di Venecia 1980 and 2004, the Triennale di Milano 1988, Center Georges Pompidou Paris 1990, The Art Institute of Chicago 1992, The Museum of Modern Art New York 2006, RIBA London 2007, DOMUSae Madrid 2010, BIAU Rosario, Argentina 2014 and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design 2016 and 2018.

Among its main achievements are the Caixaforum Sevilla Cultural Center (2017), the Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Europèennes in Luxembourg (2017), the Seville Conference Center (2012), the social housing buildings in Madrid (2012), Rota ( 1998) and Seville (1987), the San Telmo Palace in Seville, the Andalusian Government Presidency (2010), the National Museum of Underwater Archeology in Cartagena (2008), the Tomares City Council in Seville (2004), the Ordination of the Maritime Edge of Vigo (2004), the Museum of the Enlightenment in Valencia (2001), the Museum of the Sea in Genoa (2001) and the Navigation Pavilion Expo'92 Seville (1991).

He has been Project Professor at the University of Seville, Visiting Professor at the Universities of Buenos Aires, Lausanne, Pamplona, ​​Syracuse New York, Bologna, Venice, Mendrisio and Visiting Scholar at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. He is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Seville where he directs the Catedra Blanca project workshop.




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