The other Argentina. Pride and purity in the work of Mario Roberto Álvarez

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Mario Roberto Álvarez. Macedonio Oscar Ruiz. José Aslan. Héctor Ezcurra. Alfredo Joselevich. Alberto Víctor Ricur.
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Mario Roberto Álvarez

Mario Roberto Álvarez is a solid and inevitable reference to the principles of rationalism in its international phase. Through his vast work, the concepts of synthesis, permanence and form, understood as a consequence of functional and constructive responses, weave the buildings together making a carreer in evolution, coherent, lasting.

Born in 1913 in the city of Buenos Aires, he fulfilled in his university career a condition at the time strange: to work and study. Alvarez graduated in 1936 in the same way that he had done before from Nacional Buenos Aires; with Gold Medal.

In 1938, the Faculty awarded him the “Ader” Scholarship, by competition among the best averages between the years 1935 and 1938. He then toured one hundred fifteen cities in Europe, interviewing high names in architecture and visiting numerous works with his notebooks. travel.

A year later, in 1939, he achieved his first work: he won the contest for the San Martín Medical Corporation. The Italian magazine Casabella publishes the building, highlighting “a spirit of rational renovation”.

He knows Mies van der Rohe, Gropius, Neutra, Breuer, Johnson, Pertierra and others.

The search for synthesis and simplification and the various tests for the same solution, which he had learned from Virgilio, will be part of his later professional baggage.

The five or six principles that underpin the production of the studio were able to lead many works through a path of tenacity and work, of persuasion both to private clients and to official entities.

Always apart from fashions and declamations, without being part of any cenacle, in 1976 he was designated by the American Institute of Architects among the ten most distinguished non-American architects in the world, along with Stirling, Pietra, Fathy and others.

The 21st century finds the study in constant activity. The architect Mario Roberto Álvarez has formed a homogeneous team of professionals, whose efficiency and suitability have been patiently cemented and built under his direction.

This team is currently led by the architects Mario Roberto Álvarez (son), Hernán Bernabó and Fernando Sabatini.



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