As Paperwhite. Masse Fardette House by Jean Verville

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Studio Jean Verville architectes consists of a multidisciplinary team working under the direction of architect Tania Paula Garza Rico. The complementary skills of team members contribute to the variability of the Studio's output. Currently, the team is working on the development of a 3,000 m2 dental complex, a research and innovation center for Cannabis, personalized houses and apartments, a forest castle, and an immersive architectural installation for an international public art festival.

Jean Verville. Architect and professor at the School of Architecture at Laval University, Jean Verville draws upon play, humor, and self-mockery in his professional practice, as well as in his teaching approach. A playful creator, it is with apparent lightness and casualness that he presents his thoughts on relationships with domestic space, as well as on the role and capacity of architecture to transform everyday life.

Verville observes the impacts of popular culture with amusement,  inviting individual appropriations that underline the attributes and omnipresence of architectural space. Celebrating the multiplicity of perceptions, his deliberately imperfect digital collages shape baroque fantasies where the discernment between architecture and personal imagination is disputed in order to evoke traces of childhood, including doubt about the veracity of images and the plausible banality of ordinary life.




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