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Architects curators
aNC arquitectos. Jorge Carvalho, Pedro Bandeira and Ricardo Carvalho.
Partner in Change.- Teresa Novais. Proyect leader.- Jorge Carvalho. Team.- Joana Fernandes, Inês Bastos Nuno Sarmento, Beatriz Teixeira. Structural design.- Ana Vale. Lighting Design.- Jorge Costa
Casa da Arquitectura
795 m²
17.11.2017 > 18.03.2018
Casa da Arquitectura. Real Vinícola, Av. Menéres Pimentel, 456, in Matosinhos Sul, Portugal

Teresa Novais, Jorge Carvalho, aNC arquitectos

aNC arquitectos was founded in 1991, in the city of Porto, by Teresa Novais (b.1962) and Jorge Carvalho (b.1964). Both graduated in Architecture by the Faculty of Architecture of Porto University. Both worked in London, with Foster Associates and David Chipperfield respectively. Back in Portugal, Teresa Novais was project architect at Eduardo Souto Moura and collaborated sporadically with Álvaro Siza. Jorge Carvalho co-ordinated the project of the Master plan for the Chiado District and for several buildings within this area, by Álvaro Siza.

Teresa Novais and Jorge Carvalho both teach Project at the Architecture and Arts Faculty of Lusíada University in Porto, and have been guest critics at dARQ (Coimbra), University College Dublin, Limerick School, and Ensase (Saint-Étienne). In 2010/11 Jorge Carvalho is Guest Professor of Construction at Coimbra University. They also perform several activities related with the architectural debate. Teresa Novais was president of the Ordem dos Arquitectos – SRN (Architects College of Portugal - North) between 2008-2010 and co-responsible for the Cultural Affairs between 2005-2007.

Jorge Carvalho

Jorge Carvalho is an architect with a degree by the Faculty of Architecture of Porto. In 1991 he founded, with Teresa Novais, the atelier aNC arquitectos, whose works have been awarded, published and presented internationally. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of the University of Coimbra. As an author, his field of interest is contemporary architecture.



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