Recovering a home from 300 years ago. Wuyuan Skywells Hotel by anySCALE

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Andreas Thomczyk, Mika Woll, Amy Mathieson
Collaborators Colaboradores
Designers.- Danxin Sun, Kevin Wang. Enginneer.- Chris Chen
Wuyuan Skywells.- Edward Gawne, Selina Liao
Project End Date.- May 5th, 2017
1,385 sqm

Karin, Tom and Andreas anySCALE

anySCALE. The three anySCALE partners, Karin, Tom and Andreas, have known and worked with each other for over a decade in Beijing, first coming together as coworkers in their previous company. In 2011 the three friends decided to embark on their own adventure by founding SCALE in Hong Kong, the mother company of anySCALE. One year later anySCALE was founded in Beijing. Most recently the company is proud to announce it’s latest addition of anySCALE Shanghai in 2016.

During the last five years Tom, Karin and Andreas have formed a strong presence in China’s design market. anySCALE has a reputation for strong corporate identity development and has become the design face for companies such as Soho China, BMW and Daimler. The company has grown from a staff of 4 to 24 by 2015, translating into a 150% year-on-year growth, and expanded over three locations.



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