Reminiscent of the fortified farm. Casa Da Volta by PROMONTORIO, Joao Cravo

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Pedro do Carmo Costa.
Gross built area.- 500 sqm. Plot area.- 7,7 hectares.
Construction Cost.- € 1,350/sqm.
Design.- 2016. Built.- 2021.
Grândola, Alentejo, Portugal.

João Perloiro, João Luís Ferreira, Paulo Perloiro, Paulo Martins Barata, Pedro Appleton. PROMONTORIO

Promontorio, a five-partner firm lead by João Perloiro, João Luís Ferreira, Paulo Perloiro, Paulo Martins Barata and Pedro Appleton, PROMONTORIO is a full-service architecture, planning, landscaping, interior design and graphics team that began in Lisbon in 1990 as an experimental studio. It consistently grew into a practice of fifty architects, planners, landscape architects, interior designers and graphic designers.

Underlying its approach to the urban form, the work of PROMONTORIO has often been identified with the pursuit of a ‘system of robustness’ (i.e. solidity, stability and durability) both in terms of representational meaning and technical research. This in turn, has been implemented and tested in vast construction sites and under challenging time and budget constrains.

Their process springs from a dynamic and focused design culture that fosters collaboration above all. This cohesive and interactive structure enables us to deal with large and complex projects both in terms of design and programme. Ranging from schools, museums and cultural institutions, to housing, offices, hotels and retail, PROMONTORIO has accomplished projects in Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, China, Dubai, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Georgia, Mozambique, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Vietnam, having established partnerships in many of these.

Their work has received various international awards and has been presented in conferences and lectures in Austria, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, UK and the USA. It was exhibited, among others, in the 9th Venice Architecture Biennial, in La Triennale di Milano, in Arc en rêve (Bordeaux), in Cornell University (Ithaca), and more recently in Aedes Gallery (Berlin).

Arquitectos. Cravo

Silva Cravo Arquitectos is a Lisbon based group of architects and designers that operates within the fields of architecture, design, urbanism and landscape. Here we share our collection of words, photographs, drawings and illustrations, projects we've built and haven't built, that best reflects the future we envision.

Awards.- Honourable Mention, International Open Competition “Santa Clara Market Lisbon”, Lisbon Triennal 2016 (2nd Prize), International Open Competition “Residential building in Lisbon”, EPAL 2018 (3nd Prize), International Open Competition “Cascais Youth Building, Parede“ , C.M.C. 2018 (Finalist), International Open Competition “Polo Scolastico di Gignano,Torreta, S.Ellia, L'Aquilla,” L'Aquilla 2019.



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