Spanish Creators in New York (Creadores Españoles en Nueva York)

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Eva Mendoza Chandas. Independent curator and cultural manager. Master in Arts Administration from Columbia University under the auspices of a Fulbright scholarship and the Ministry of Culture of Spain. Her graduation thesis deals with the situation of Spanish artists living in New York and their relationship with the city's cultural institutions.

In 2011, she curated Region 0. The Latino Festival of Video Art New York, at the King Juan Carlos I of New York University (NYU). She is also the executive director of the project Round Trip NY and contributor to the online publication XTRART, a portal specialized in cultural promotion and reflection.

Currently she is working along with the curators Jodie Dinapoli and Paco Cano on an exhibition at the AMA, Art Museum of the Americas, in Washington, DC. The show will be featuring works by Latin American and Spanish artists living and working in New York, and will open its doors to the public in February 2012.




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